• 10 creative ways to convert old household items into new furniture for the dacha

    Seeing the old thing, the first impulse appears - throw it away. If the subject is really worthless, perhaps it will be a good way out. And what if the thing is still relatively solid and strong, but has already lost its former presentable appearance? You can convert it to a new furniture for the country. Below we have collected 10 good ideas on how to convert old household items into new accessories. Choose what seems closer to you!

    Old suitcase

    He can no longer perform his original function. Does this mean it's worth throwing away? Not at all! You can transform it into a mini-table for a cottage kitchen, living room or street.

    Old locker

    He lost his former appearance, which means that you can take him to the country house and convert him to ..., for example, a mini-bar! Put the wine bottles in there. The rubs on the closet will only add a mini-bar to the uniqueness.

    Reminder board

    It can successfully organize a storage system for jewelry, jewelry and other small things.

    Photo frames

    You probably have in the closet a couple of such frames. Decorate the wall with them, adding decor to your liking.

    New seats

    The clothes dryer can be altered into a wonderful seat for the garden. By the way, if you are lucky enough to get an old cart from the supermarket (they often throw out those that are slightly broken), then it can be converted into a seat.

    Tennis racquet

    It can serve you as a new and original mirror. It will be attached by hooks on the back side.

    Old mugs, bottles and plates

    They can create a beautiful lampshade in the room. Look at the cute lights that you end up with:

    Old fridge

    If he does not freeze as before, and the master cannot help in any way, then he can be re-profiled. For example, make him an outdoor refrigerator or a locker for storing books and CDs.

    Old bath

    This is a real field of creativity. With a little effort, you can change it into a sofa for the street. Just do not forget to spread something for softness.

    Old piano

    Some houses have old pianos covered in dust. The same tools (already inoperative) are sold with hands at a ridiculous price. From it you can make a stunning decor for the house or a practical thing of unusual beauty - for example, a mini-bar, a fountain for the street, a stand for pots or a residence for creepers and ivy.

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