• 10 most amazing cafes in the world

    Traveling around the world and discovering the secrets of new countries, tourists must try to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the local cuisine. You can do this by joining fans of street food, as well as looking in a cozy local restaurant, where you will be sure to treat you to the most delicious national dishes. But if you are bored with ordinary lunches and dinners, then you should find a place where the atmosphere can evoke delight, inspiration, surprise, and, perhaps, fear. Here are the top 10 original places.

    1. Alkatraz. This Japanese cafe will surely appeal to lovers of prison themes and those who are in search of special sensations during the meal. It’s just that you will not be able to enter; at the entrance you will surely take fingerprints, read the rules of behavior and give a prison form. The tables in the cafe are separated by bars, so it creates the complete feeling that you are in a cell, but of an improved type. We warn those who are particularly shy right away - the waiters here are not the most friendly, and every now and then, they will try to “pinch” you in a straitjacket or make an injection of a sedative.
    2. Dick’s Last Resort.If you were raised in an intelligent family, then it is better not to appear here. But for those who are friends with humor and calmly refer to insults in their address, you can look. This network of small American cafes and bars is the most boorish in the world. The main goal of the cafe is to insult its visitors. The waiters are rude men who throw napkins at the guests, picnic tables without tablecloths, in addition to everything, each guest is given a special cap on which they write something unpleasant, and he has to spend all his time in the cafe. The first such bar appeared after the owner went bankrupt at the opening of a high-end restaurant and, offended, decided to leave it as an insulting eatery, which soon had success.
    3. Dinner in Sky. For those who are not afraid of heights, a café is open in Belgium, where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch at a height of 50 meters without any walls and ceilings. A simple design is a crane that lifts the platform with a table and chairs, which can accommodate 22 people, not including the attendants.
    4. Metro St. James. This cafe, located in the center of Sydney, has gained extraordinary popularity because of its unusual stock. For example, you can get free coffee for a kiss from 9 to 11 in the morning.If you decide to pay for your order in this way, you need to select the appropriate item in the menu on the tablet, which is on each table. After that you undertake to kiss any person, having fixed it on the camera.
    5. Matchmaker Café. This institution, located in New York, will appeal to lonely hearts. Here you can not only eat well, but also stop feeling lonely. You just will not be bored. The waiters are happy to talk with each client, offering to register on a dating site, kindly helping to find interesting people and invite them on a date. Initially, the cafe was conceived as part of a promotional campaign of one of the resources for dating, but soon it became so popular that it began to bring a good income.
    6. Bench Café. One of the most unusual places in the English county of Kent. In this place, visitors decide for themselves how much they will pay for their lunch or dinner. The whole point is that the purchased products are illiquid for supermarkets, and there are real pennies. But do not think that they are expired, just between a carefully packed product and the same, only with a torn label, there is a big difference in price, and the cafe buys it.The attendants were hired from among the unemployed, and at first everything was planned as a charity project. But the institution had to appeal to customers who, according to the owners, do not spare money for delicious food.
    7. Barbie Café. Almost every girl dreamed of being like Barbie, and now it has become quite possible. To do this, you just need to come to the Taiwanese city of Taipei. You will be surrounded by a real fairy-tale world in pink tones. Even dishes, most often, have such a shade here. The main part of the menu is cakes, cakes and other sweets.
    8. Velokafi. The Swiss love to travel on bicycles, considering such a transport not only convenient, but also absolutely eco-friendly. Velokafi is a great place for cyclists to relax. Here you can drive right on your bike, enjoy a cup of your favorite drink or have a snack without getting off the vehicle. All tables are equipped with special mounts that allow you to fix the front wheel of the bike, and, thus, conveniently located.
    9. Le Café Des Chats. Of course, if you are allergic to wool, then visit this place will not be possible.But if health is all right and you like fluffy purring animals, then you are here. In Paris, while you are eating, cats and cats will roam between the tables, occasionally crawling into your arms. Animals are absolutely safe, washed and examined by a veterinarian. They are brought from a shelter, so if you decide to get a cute pet, then after the visit you can take it with you.
    10. O'Noir. In Canada, you will find an unusual institution in which you can barely see something. Everything is planned - no lights, candles or lighters. To make an order and eat will be in complete darkness. Most of the waiters are blind, this is what motivated the founders to create such a cafe, drawing attention to the fact that such people need support. But, despite the pitch darkness, you will surely enjoy the meal, because, as you know, when one of the senses stops functioning, others sharply sharpen.

    The world is full of interesting and unusual places. Spend time with benefit and interest, visiting special places that are sure to give you a lot of extraordinarily pleasant impressions.

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