• 13 custom ideas for using the old shower curtain

    Tired of the blind in the bathroom? Or did you find something you liked in the store? Where in this case do the old curtain? Do not rush to throw it away - maybe you will like recycling tips!

    The usual shower curtain is a very useful thing in everyday life. From it you can also make a lot of interesting things.


    Place for children's creativity

    Probably all children love to paint the walls and floors of the house. So why not combine business with pleasure? Wash the curtain well, dry and spread over the floor. Now children have additional space for creativity.

    Protection from children's "surprises"

    At that time, until the baby learned to go to the pot, the mattress, the bed and at the same time the mother suffer. Eliminate the problem on the root - cover the bed with a shower curtain, which will serve as a protective barrier between the mattress and the baby.

    Protection of things from the effects of repairs

    There is nothing more convenient than to lay the old shower curtain on the floor and start repairs, without fear of staining the floor surface. The impressive dimensions of the curtain will best cover the entire floor.

    Preserving the purity of the kid's lunch

    Moms know this problem firsthand: after feeding the baby, you have to wash the floor for a while. While the child has not learned to eat neatly, you can podstelit under his chair curtain, which then easily clean up the dirt.

    Basis for the children's pool

    What just do not come up with the master, to create a small pool for children on the street. A variety of devices are in use. Here's another idea for you in the piggy bank - from a simple pit and curtain it turns out an improvised small pool for the little ones.

    Apron for creativity

    Does the child like to draw, sculpt, cook? Whatever it was, the result is always the same - a lot of dirty clothes. From the curtain you can make a wonderful apron, which is very easy to wash.

    New upholstery for chairs

    Perhaps the easiest way to update the old chairs. With upholstered curtain chairs will no longer be afraid of pollution.

    Improvised scene

    With the help of a curtain and a share of fantasy, you can make a simple scene for children's performances. Kids love to play on stage, posing as actors, so why not encourage their aspirations?

    Not soiled napkins

    Perhaps this idea seems strange, however, do not rush to conclusions. With the help of scissors you can make napkins that can be easily washed out of the curtain.

    Bedding or picnic bag

    This unusual option is suitable for those who are friends with a sewing machine. A shower curtain can be an excellent bedding material or picnic bag.

    Swimsuit Cover

    Immediately after the sea, you can change into ordinary clothes and, without waiting for the swimsuit to dry, throw it into such an improvised slipcover sewn with your own hands. He will not miss any water.

    Cover for outdoor furniture

    Now she will not suffer from high humidity, rain or snow. Cover the outdoor furniture with covers from the shower curtain at night or during bad weather to protect it.

    Pet Bed

    How problematic it is to wash a blanket, pillow or cloth that a dog or cat likes to sleep on.Especially if the animals go for a walk on the street, later bringing with them dirt. A sleeping place covered by a shower curtain will now be under reliable protection. By the way, it does not let in moisture and does not absorb any odors.

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