• 15 modern ideas in manicure! Save and show your master

    Modern manicure is not only a way to bring nails in order, but also the possibility of self-expression, as well as an indicator that a woman is following fashion trends. We present you a selection of15 most modern ideas in manicure!

    Simple drawings on the nails

    1. It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel again and do something difficult for a beautiful manicure. Just look at this drawing, which strikes with its boundless tenderness and simplicity.

    2. And if you add a picture to your everyday jacket, the manicure will look even more beautiful and interesting. An excellent option for celebrations.

    3. If you like bright colors, then this manicure option is for you. Just see how fresh the flowers and morning dew look.

    4. Simple stripes look incredibly stylish on the nails.

    5. Design in the form of lace on a white base will always be in vogue.

    6Flowers on the nails look especially feminine and romantic.

    7. Painting on nails is suitable for office work, and for dating. Looks elegant and noble.

    8. Funny manicure for lovers of an active lifestyle.

    9. This unusual pattern will amaze everyone around you.

    10. Autumn - not an occasion to be sad, but a reason for a bright combination of colors!

    11. Predatory manicure for residents of the metropolis.

    12. Gentle manicure for romantic natures.

    13. Another idea for a bright manicure.

    14. Exquisite and noble French jacket.

    15. Drawing in the style of Burberry perfectly suited to the scarf of the same color.

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