• 3D paper picture

    Materials and tools:

    1. the image you will use;
    2. tracing paper;
    3. pencil, eraser;
    4. paper;
    5. glue;
    6. a set of knives for cutting out paper
    7. copy paper.

    Step 1

    Select the image you like, the simpler the image, the easier and faster it will work, print it on the printer (choose the size you need). Take a tracing paper, put it on the drawing and draw a pencil around the drawing, all the main elements and small details that you consider necessary to give the picture a better effect.

    Step 2

    After the image has been transferred to tracing paper, we proceed to transfer the base and the elements onto paper using copy paper. You can use the standard method: first a sheet of paper, then copy paper and tracing paper with a pattern. In this project, they acted as follows: first they put a copy paper, with the transmitting surface upwards, a sheet of paper was placed on it and a tracing paper with a drawing,this way copy paper does not smudge the paper and the lines are thin and easily erased. We will transfer to paper the outlines of the whole pattern and the place where the next layers will be glued.

    Step 3

    Now, in the same way, we begin to transfer the elements of the image for cutting out onto paper. Here, as it is more convenient for someone, you can transfer the entire image and cut it out, but still it is better to transfer it with separate elements, it is more convenient and you won’t get confused where which element should be (especially the 3 and following layers).

    Step 4

    The most interesting and most difficult and painstaking step, we begin to cut and paste. To begin, cut out the base of the image, on which I will glue all the following layers. Now let's start cutting and gluing the elements of the picture and layers - it is better to combine steps 3 and 4: we painted the element and its layers, cut it out, glued the layers of the element with each other and stuck it in its place on the base - and so element by element, this way get confused and lose nothing.If the image is complex, then the whole process may take several days, use specials to cut out the elements. set for cutting paper with replaceable knives. Before gluing the elements, bend them, remember the edges, so that the picture looks more voluminous; when gluing, use a minimum of glue and where it is really necessary.

    We wait until the glue dries completely, check whether all the elements firmly hold on the basis of the picture. Take a frame and paste the picture to the inside - all3D paper pictureis ready, you can hang it on the wall.

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