• A girl and I bought an apartment. Made repairs. Now the question arose about choosing a kitchen. Prompt good factories in Moscow.

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    Answered on February 12, 2017 17:51
    We ordered the kitchen in the studio-kitchen "Aldas", that at the address: Aviakonstruktor Mil, 26 - the shopping center "Kolibri". My girlfriend herself developed a design project for our small kitchen, in the past she worked in a large firm as an architect. When we arrived at the factory, we initially rushed around, was afraid of the manager's reaction, such as they came with us, we were wrong, the manager listened to us with interest, chose the material and color. They gave 30% prepayment. They waited for about a month, brought it on a weekend, did not have to ask for leave from work. The kitchen turned out great, pleased with the quality and design. The kitchen is worth as cast! Grateful and friends, and factories.If you need I can send them a website, there are a lot of different models and the price is indicated.
    Pakhom Zvodchenko
    Pakhom Zvodchenko
    Thank you! Of course, you can and saytik to reset.

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