• A shortcut to success or entertainment: brain training puzzles

    Guy Julius Caesar, in addition to his amazing leadership qualities and the talent of the strategist, had another equally no less impressive skill: doing several important things simultaneously. β€œJust think too !? - Any modern person will answer this. "I fill out the sign in Exel, and listen to music, and drink coffee, and in a chat I correspond, moreover, I shake my leg!". And it will be right, the only difference is that Caesar did his work well, ho-ro-sho!


    Most people, being sprayed on multitasking, are not able to achieve at a high level even half of their goals. Ability to focus on one important task and cut off the annoying factors is the direct path to success in any business, and trains this ability to love puzzles!

    My whole life is only a few hours, although I can sleep for years before that. The essence of my existence is to eat myself, to disappear. If I’m thin, it's fast, if the thickness is slow. And I hate the wind. Who am I?


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    Three colleagues went to a business lunch at a nearby cafe. Lunch cost them 250 rubles, but each took a hundred and put in the bill. The waitress counted and returned the change - 50 rubles. Colleagues decided to leave 20 rubles to her, and divided the remaining 30 equally, so they did. And then one of them estimated: each paid 90 rubles, but 90 x 3 = 270, plus another 20 rubles, which they left to the waitress, it is 290 rubles. Where else is 10?


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    Answer:confusion with addition-subtraction: for lunch they paid 270 rubles (250 for lunch + 20 waitresses) + 30 rubles for change, which they divided among themselves = 300 rubles. And in the problem, on the contrary, they subtracted 30 rubles, and added 20.

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    In the courtyard of the apartment building, utility workers dug a hole 4 meters in diameter and 4 meters deep. How much land is there?

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    Answer:in the pit there is no earth, for that, she and the pit are empty there.

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    Three people with disabilities lived at a distance from other people: the first was blind, the second was his, the third was deaf. The time has come, and the deaf has gone to the next world. How can one who is not able tell their blind neighbor that the deaf has died?

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    Answer:nothing needs to be reported - the blind could neither see nor speak to him, so he did not really know him.

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    One man worked strictly at night. And, he just turned on the light, made a bed and went to bed, but last week let the first item (forgot to turn on the lamp). And in the morning he woke up, looked out the window and jumped off the roof, breaking to the death. What happened there?


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    Answer:the man was the caretaker of the lighthouse, and when he did not turn on the light, it led to disaster.

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