• All in a bikini: how do the stars say goodbye to summer?

    Last day of summer. Yes, he has already arrived, and it seems that all posts in social networks are devoted only to this topic. Fortunately, not all of them bring melancholy; many famous girls, as if by agreement, posted on Instagram images in a bikini with the caption "Goodbye, summer!".

    Well, we also decided not to become limp and give the fall a real “bikini-otpor”, because we still have Indian summer ahead before we give in to melancholy and go to the park for a walk on the fallen golden foliage. We look at the beach photos of Emily Ratakovski, Bianchi Balti, Halle Berry and Elizabeth Hurley and are charged with the energy of summer right up until the next beach season!

    By the way, pictures of 50-year-old Holly and 51-year-old Elizabeth can work wonders - just look at them whenever you want to eat a bun, and then you don’t have to prepare for the next beach season for long.

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