• Amber Heard gets divorced from Johnny Depp

    This Hollywood love story lasted even less than we thought: after 15 months of married life, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard announced their desire to divorce. Moreover, she filed for divorce ... Amber, indicating in the column "Reason" insoluble contradictions. The banal language to which former lovers resort as often as witnesses to the fifth amendment in court. The most interesting thing is that the couple did not enter into a marriage contract, which means that, according to the legislation, Amber can claim the status of her ex-spouse, and it is about 400 million dollars and a private island in the Bahamas.

    So, the beauty waved a pen to the famous pirate, leaving him to be torn apart by the tabloids. We hope that they will not torment Johnny, who recently looks so much like all the hardships of the world hit him (at the recent Hollywood premiere of Alice Through the Looking Glass, many even compared him to the homeless, so untidy was his appearance ...).

    Amber Heard gets divorced from Johnny Depp

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