• And what do you know about pizza?

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    February 29, 2016
    And what do you know about pizza?

    Today, free pizza delivery works in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America, and this delicacy, perhaps, does not surprise anyone. Thus, the menu of the Empire Pizza company alone counts many recipes for such a delicious delicacy. And in the world there are thousands of types of these open cakes, and each of them has its own characteristics and secrets. Let's get acquainted with the most outstanding facts about this dish.

    Interesting information about pizza.

    PizzaTypically, these cakes are round, but there are other modifications, for example, square. The side of the largest variation of such an Italian culinary masterpiece is more than one hundred centimeters. You can buy such a huge dish for 200 US dollars.

    Although pizza is not the most high-calorie dish, it contains many nutrients. And in order to burn the calories contained in three pieces, you need to have sex in the order of a few hours.

    Amazingbut the average Europeans eat a much larger number of these cakes than the Americans, for whom the fame of the world's greatest fast food lovers is firmly entrenched. But the record holder is a resident of Japan. A man named Takeru Kobayashi in 12 minutes is able to swallow a dozen of these round tortillas with a delicious filling.

    PizzaOne of the leading Italian cosmetology brands, Ducho Kreshi, has released a whole collection of perfume with the smell of this delicacy. Moreover, to purchase it in other countries is almost impossible - the Italians dismantle all the bottles.

    The most expensive pizza that anyone can taste is $ 3,655. True, to enjoy its taste, you will have to visit Rome. However, the cake includes fillings such as lobsters, deer meat, caviar soaked in sparkling wine, edible gold, and smoked salmon harvested according to old Scottish recipes, and it is obvious that they will like this dish, named after James Bond, everybody.

    PizzaPizza - not fast food, but quite healthy food! Milan scientists conducted a special study, which showed that its judges are several times less likely to suffer from certain types of cancer.A similar effect is provided by a completely unleavened dough, which does not cause fermentation processes in the stomach and intestines, as well as a large amount of tomato sauce and seasonings.

    And finally, it is impossible not to mention that this dish is loved by absolutely everyone. Thus, in one of the Australian prisons, prisoners took hostages hostage, and agreed to release them for only 15 pizzas, promptly delivered by the prison guards from their will.

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