• Andrei Malakhov: in the “Wall” I would play with my wife

    This is the first television project in which you can win 60 million rubles. Such huge sums on domestic television at stake have not yet played out. The main condition for participation in the project is to accomplish the feat.
    Alexey Aleshin and his wife Svetlana Solenova from Moscow became the pioneers of the show. Alexey saved the girl who fell on the rails in the Moscow subway.
    Photo: photo: Alexey Ladygin / channel "Russia 1"

    34 children for two

    “These are ordinary people who live near us, but they do not shout, do not beat themselves in the chest:“ I did it, ”says Julia Sumachyova, General Producer of White Media. - Some were difficult to persuade, not everyone is ready to talk about themselves, they are afraid of glory. There were those who claimed that they did not need money. Viewers will see an amazing married couple - Alexandra and Lilit Gorelovykh from Moscow, bringing up 34 children. Of these, six of blood, the rest they adopted. I had to persuade: for them, what they do is normal. Alexey Umurbayev from Yekaterinburg, after an explosion of domestic gas, took out the victims from a burning house. He also warned other residents.Many forces had to be put in so that the traffic police officer Dmitry Shpak from Nizhnevartovsk took part in the project. He sent a patrol car to the ice under the lost wagon and saved two buses with children from a collision. Thanks to him, 60 children and 36 adults survived. There were two difficulties with him: it took the permission of the top management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to go abroad (the shooting took place in Poland) and a personal reason - Dmitry cannot fly due to health restrictions.

    How will the Wall decide

    The idea of ​​the show The Wall is American and first implemented on NBC a year ago, now the project is sold in eight countries. Studios prepared for filming the show are in America, in France and in Poland. Since the scenery is technologically quite complex, the pool for Russia was filmed in Warsaw.

    Svetlana Solenova: “I was an ordinary housewife for 11 years, brought up a child. Only a year ago I went to work at a company where my husband works. This year our daughter graduated from school, she perfectly passed the exam and entered the pedagogical institute. But on a paid branch. If we manage to win money, we will spend it on her training. If they stay, we'll go to Paris and Venice. And we would like to get married. ”
    Photo: photo: Alexey Ladygin / channel "Russia 1"

    Each release involves a pair of players: the hero and his relative or close. The game consists of three rounds. Presenter Andrei Malakhov asks participants questions from various fields of knowledge. In the first round, the couple answers the questions together, and how much money they get for the correct answer, Wall decides. This is a construction 12 meters high, from the top of which the balls fall, falling into cells with sums of money. With the right answer, the balls turn green, if false, they turn red. In the second round, the participants are divided. One goes to the so-called room of silence, where questions and answers appear in front of him, but he does not know if he is right. The second stays with the leader in front of the Wall, launching balls, betting, assuming how the partner will respond, and making money. The mechanism of the descent of balls is not automated, and it is impossible to predict the probability of hitting them in one or another cell. In addition, in the second and third rounds bonus balls appear, green ones add money, red ones take away. After the third round, the player in the silence room is offered to sign a contract with a guaranteed winnings, it consists of the results of the first round and the amounts for the correct answers.The player can pick up money or go all-in and break the contract in the hope of luck and the partner’s intuition. But he does not know what amount his colleague managed to collect in front of the Wall. The end is a meeting of players. One does not know what amount is at stake, the second - whether the contract is signed.

    Word leading

    - Andrey, are you a gambling person?
    Andrei Malakhov

    - No, I'm not passionate. I do not play in the casino, I don’t like lotteries, except that I took books in bookstores in my childhood in which you could immediately find out the result whether you won or not. It made me laugh, but when they offer to buy a lottery ticket on the trains, I don’t take part in it.

    - Maybe you are unlucky?
    Andrei Malakhov

    “I think luck is the answer of the Universe to some of our actions, to what we retransmit, send to the surrounding reality.

    - Einstein said: “Case is the way God keeps anonymity ...”
    Andrei Malakhov

    - I agree. Good idea.

    - Do you have a good intuition?
    Andrei Malakhov

    - Not always. It depends on natural factors and the state in which I am. If I have time to think, analyze ...

    - This is not intuition ...
    Andrei Malakhov

    - Probably. But this is how our first heroine, Svetlana, persuaded the Wall, and she managed to come to an agreement with her, I’m unlikely to succeed.

    - And risk, like her, would you become?
    Andrei Malakhov

    - Our participants were not eager for the program.They were found, invited, they agreed. Therefore, if we come, why not take a chance. Play like play. And I would venture.

    - In this game, a lot depends on the well-coordinated game of partners. Are you a team person or a loner?
    Andrei Malakhov

    - Team, of course. So many years working on television. I depend a lot on my team.

    - Who is the person with whom you would like to play "The Wall"?
    Andrei Malakhov

    - Wife. I would send Natasha to the room. I think she would have succeeded. She watches such games, loves them, answers questions.

    - Emotions game show are different from those that you had to do before?
    Andrei Malakhov

    - In this show - yes. Here, much depends on the heroes, whether you sympathize with them. It is a television casino, but only partly a game about money. For me it is important that the project participants are the heroes of our time. I think now the demand for such.

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