• Apartment and office relocation: features of events

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    April 7, 2016
    Apartment and office relocation: features of events

    Room and office moving in Moscow is very common. Each of them has its own characteristics and difficulties, but with proper organization and proper packing of the property, any delays can be avoided. One of the most important aspects of a relocation is the selection of a vehicle. In the course of this event, it is necessary to evaluate the characteristics of the body and the base, to compare the load capacity of the vehicle with the volumes of transported things. With an abundance of glass products and mirrors, it is worthwhile to prefer a special transport equipped with additional fasteners.apartment moving

    Features of apartment moving

    To date, apartment transportation in Moscow and the region are considered the most common among other types of crossings. Dozens of specialized companies are involved in their organization.Preference should be given to large firms with extensive experience.
    To quickly deliver personal items, household appliances, furniture and other property to a new apartment, you should thoroughly prepare for:

    • to pick up the vehicle, having studied the range on the website of the specialized company;
    • decide on the number of movers, installers and specialists in packing things;
    • develop an optimal route.

    All miscalculations will help implement the experts of the moving company - managers, logistics, operators. It should be borne in mind that the work of porters, assemblers and packers, as a rule, is hourly, so to reduce the budget for the move, you need to carefully approach the planning process.

    Office moves and their features

    To organize low-cost office moving with movers is no more difficult than preparing for apartment transportation. The main thing is to consider the following points:apartment moving

    • selection of a car taking into account the quantity and type of cargo carried;
    • determining the number of movers depending on the volume of furniture, shelving, safes, office equipment;
    • self-preparation for the move - if every employee of the company packs at least his things, the company can save up to 20 percent of the total amount at the event.

    After sorting and packing the property, each box must be marked. On the boxes with fragile cargo is to make a special mark. Furniture and other dimensional things pack loaders. If there is an urgent need to change the office, then it is appropriate to use the service "turnkey". In this case, the team of specialists can independently resolve all issues, starting with the packing of the property, ending with its installation in new areas. The event can be organized at the weekend or at night.

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