• Aquarium Cichlids: types, content, nutrition, compatibility

    Aquarium cichlids are a family of tropical fish with an amazing color. They have a peculiar character and do not get along with everyone in one aquarium.

    Aquarium Cichlid Content

    Cichlids differ from other fish in their bright color and interesting behavior. There are many types of aquarium cichlids. The sizes of fishes from 2 to 50 cm in length. In all species of cichlids, the body is flattened laterally and, as a rule, stretched. Large cichlids live for 20-25 years, small representatives - 3-5 years.

    aquarium cichlids
    This species has an unusual shape and bright color.
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    Most cichlids are unpretentious. However, many species do not like fresh water and too much aeration. The temperature regime should be as close as possible to the temperature of natural habitats. Most of them are thermophilic and prefer 24–26 C.

    Organize the zoning of space: grottoes, stones, thickets of plants, free space.Fish will choose their place of residence and will not fight with others over the territory. Sand or small flat stones are suitable for soil. Cichlids like to dig the soil and often uproot planted plants. Therefore, plants must have a strong root system. Choose Javanese moss or cryptocorins.

    The most popular among aquarium cichlids are:

    • American: astronotus, scalar, geophagus, letokokar, akara, discus, apistogramma.
    • African: telapia, hemichromus, oreochromis, trophy.
    • Asian: entropyuses.
    • Malawian: pseudotrophy, haplochromis, melanochrome.

    For each family and species create individual living conditions.

    Cichlids enjoy eating any live food. However, be content and dry, and ice cream. Periodically feed cichlid lemum. For herbivorous chop lettuce, cabbage and dandelion.

    Cichlids are selfless parents. Some species carry caviar in the mouth. Other types of cichlids lay their eggs on stones or in a hole in the sand and watch their offspring vigilantly.

    Compatibility of aquarium cichlids with other fish

    It is best to grow cichlids with their relatives.Many cichlids are predators, so do not keep them with small fish. They are also irritated by too slow fish.

    Do not settle for the cichlids of the following inhabitants:

    • cockerels;
    • danios;
    • goldfish;
    • black telescopes;
    • guppies;
    • mollies;
    • swordsmen.

    If juveniles tolerate neighbors, then adults will not do this.

    Small cichlids, for example, of the type of pelmohochromis, nannakaras, apistograms, are quite peaceful. American cichlids are quite aggressive and show their uneasy character especially during reproduction. Asian cichlids are relatively calm and livable fishes.

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