• The question of owning a home is particularly acute for young people in our long-suffering country. As is known, the state does not offer a large number of opportunities either in the sphere of labor activity or in the housing sphere. What should a young man or young family do? Rent an apartment? Perhaps not the most profitable option, and I want to have my own house. Take a long-term loan or participate in shared construction? You can fall into the hands of fraudsters. Let's look together for options for acquiring housing for a young family. So:

    How can a young family buy an apartment?

    We will not pay attention to those situations when a young family receives an apartment as a gift after a wedding from generous parents. In this case, there is no problem. Let us turn, on the contrary, to a situation of crisis and complex. Young people recently got married, but they have nowhere to build their lives. How to be?

    Let's start with the question of where you can get additional funds to buy an apartment. The first way to facilitate your financial participation is to participate in a subsidy program.According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, young families can participate in housing purchase programs. There is a country's budget, from which money is issued for the purchase of housing. The subsidy has the form of a certificate with which you can get the right amount for home purchase. It often happens that subsidies are the only real opportunity to get housing for a young family. There are a number of difficulties that impede the rapid acquisition of housing through subsidies. The first of these is the limited effect of the subsidy. The second difficulty is that the money for an apartment is transferred into the hands of the seller without the participation of the buyer. This situation often provokes long delays. Well, the last difficulty is the documentation process, which takes a lot of time and effort.

    How else can a young man buy an apartment? The answer is buying an apartment by installments. Housing developers are very actively offering their product to the public. An apartment is a very expensive property, so basically all apartments are bought by installments. It is important for the buyer to know that he overpays a lot when buying an apartment by installments.In addition, you need to understand whether the buyer can buy the apartment. All details must be spoken and recorded in proper form in a legal document. What should be agreed? Amount of payment, payment term, method of payment. These three milestones are decisive in concluding an agreement on the purchase of an apartment. Be very careful, as a large number of developers are playing a dishonest game, and often they just steal money.

    Mortgage - another answer to the question of how young to buy an apartment. What does mortgage lending mean and how does it differ from the purchase of real estate by installments? As a rule, mortgage loans are issued by banks. They constitute approximately 60-80% of the market value of housing and are designed for 10-15 years. 20% must be paid at the first installment. Thus, you need to have a very good financial condition at the time of purchase of an apartment in a mortgage loan.

    A little about government grants for the purchase of housing. Unfortunately, only some regions of Russia create various programs to support low-income young families. For example, the Altai Territory provides many young families with housing.This noble business is not developed in our country as much as we would like.

    Well, in conclusion, I would like to mention that in Russia there is a special state program to support young families experiencing difficulties with buying an apartment. In fact, the program offers the same mortgage, however, on more favorable terms. Not all young families are eligible to participate in this program. This factor explains the low level of popularity of this program.

    We have listed all the basic ways to purchase housing for a young family. Unfortunately or fortunately, we have to rely only on our own strength in matters of social protection. The days when an apartment could be obtained absolutely free of charge and quickly enough were gone.

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