• Many women dream of a slim figure and a beautiful body. Often, the image of the ballerina is in their head as a reference. Today, we talk about the diet of ballerinas. However, it must be remembered that ballet dancers are so slim rather because of the nature of their work, and not because of their diet. Constant stretching and exercise simply prevent them from gaining weight. But still:

    Ballet dancers diet

    Before starting a diet, arrange two unloading days, after which you can resort to its implementation. You also need to consult with your doctor about the capabilities and needs of your body. Any general diet may not suit you and cause, as a result of its influence, irreparable harm to your health. About fasting days:

    First fasting day. For breakfast, only a glass of tomato juice. For lunch, two glasses of tomato juice and a piece of black bread. For dinner, only a glass of tomato juice.

    Second fasting day. For breakfast a glass of milk or kefir. For lunch, a glass of kefir and a piece of black bread. For dinner, a glass of milk or kefir.

    Diet itself. For breakfast you need to eat 1/3 packs of low-fat cottage cheese (0%) plus a glass of warm nonfat milk or kefir (1% or 3%).For a second breakfast, you can make yourself a cup of coffee, smear a slice of bread and butter, and use one teaspoon of honey. For lunch, eat one tablespoon of rice, a little broth (one cup) and a piece of meat no more than 150g. At lunch they recommend eating an orange or an apple. You can eat both fruits. Dinner should be made two hours before bedtime. Drink a glass of warm milk or kefir with one teaspoon of honey.

    Diet ballerinas gives the result

    Many women claim that the diet of ballerinas has helped them in losing weight. During the use of tomato juice during the period of fasting days, liquid stool does not appear, although many are afraid of it. Some women say that the diet should be implemented within two weeks. Although it is designed for only 5 days. The fact is that in two weeks the body adapts to the diet, and it gives a good result. Five days is not enough for the appearance of qualitative changes. As a result of a two-week course, centimeters on the waist, hips and legs are concealed in front of our eyes. Even losing weight face. By the end of the second week, the body completely adapts to the diet and no longer feels hungry. Some women, however, note that diet can be harmful to the body.Perhaps a bad effect on the stomach. This is due to the radicalism of the diet. The body receives a very small amount of food when it is used to getting more. Go to a diet should be evenly, but not immediately.

    Diet ballerinas. Reviews

    "Cool diet, only in the morning is better to eat porridge (better for the stomach). When it was necessary to lose much weight, she herself ate so well. True, she ate more fruit. And another topic - nuts"Tanya Nirullina

    "I sat on this diet for 6 days - 5kg. What I needed was. Now the most important thing is to keep your mouth closed so as not to type it all in 6 days too." Daria

    "Before one casting tried this. Excerpt should be stunning and focus on results. Then everything will turn out. But still, the more protein in the diet - the better. "Serega

    "And it seems to me that a good combination is diet + sport! sport without diet and diet without exercise, good results will not bring"Anonymous

    "There are more cool diets !!! And this diet is not a pledge of beautiful forms of ballerinas !!! They just do a special kind of sport, so to speak !!! And diet, it seems to me a very, very big role doesn’t play a direct role !!! And they also have such a physique mesomorphs !!! Like in models, that's all, this is my opinion, but thanks anyway, let's try!!! =)))))))))))) "The world in the reflections

    "I'm on this diet in my 17 lost from 50 to 38 for 10 months. My mother pumped me oatmeal in the hospital. There is nothing good in this "diet" because

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