• Beautiful and gorgeous evening hairstyles for short hair

    For some reason, there is a perception that if the hair is cut short, it is very difficult to come up with different and interesting hairstyles with them. This fact can easily be refuted. Short hair is the territory of novelty and fantasy, and most importantly, the whole process will not take an infinite amount of time, as with long or medium-length hair.

    It is said that women who wear short haircuts have a strong-willed character and dictatorial qualities. All this is nonsense, with any hairstyle you can look romantic, feminine, strict or playful. Evening hairstyles for short hair will depend on your mood, desire to create and the focus of the event.

    For example, for a business meeting fit neatly and strictly laid strands, for an evening dinner or a banquet - the same, but with some elements of liberty. Well, and if you go to a bachelorette party or spend time in a night institution - here there is plenty of imagination and little things that can diversify the hairstyle - hairpins, hoops, bows, rhinestones and everything,what your soul pleases.

    And if you still do not believe that evening hairstyles for short hair can be bright and feminine, then try them for yourself. But be prepared for the fact that you have to be bold and bright to be the center of attention. So, we will arm with all necessary means for hair and we will start the choice of a hairdress.

    What can be done?

    Each type of face would be best suited to its own hairstyle.

    For example, if you are the owner of round face features, then an “elf” or “pixie” hairstyle will not suit them at all, they will weigh down the already overweight facial features.

    Therefore, the best for a round face shape fit hairstyles with elongated front strands to visually strive for an oval face shape.

    On the back of the head you can experiment with different volume and strands. But for girls with more elongated facial features, just the same playful strands, as if firing at the sides. If you have a high forehead, this is a sign of not only a great mind, but also the fact that you should wear a bang. But if the forehead is small and low, then bangs it visually reduce even more.

    One of the simplest options is considered to be the following. We wash our heads, dry them and apply varnish on clean hair to make them heavier. After whipping strands in a creative mess and give them the best direction, again we fix the varnish. This hairstyle is suitable for girls who are not afraid to be in the center of attention.

    If you wear a square or asymmetrical haircut, elongated strands with a glossy structure may well be appropriate. To do this, on even slightly damp hair roots, apply a styling foam. After that, armed with a hairdryer and a round brush, we begin to pull the strands. Slightly twisting inside, do not forget to fix varnish. The image is very feminine and gentle.

    Curly options

    Who said that if you have short hair, you can not use curlers. They can be of different sizes, choose them depending on the length of your hair.

    To do this, we wash our heads, on even slightly wet curls, wind the curlers. After a couple of hours, not yet spun hair, blow-dry and remove hair curlers.

    We form strands in the way that will look best for your face shape, and in no case do we use a brush!

    You can separate them with a comb with occasional teeth or fingers. It is best to make an oblique parting, and the side that is slightly larger can be fixed with a beautiful clip. If you wear a bang, then you can straighten it with an iron and fix it with varnish. Instead curlers can be used and curling.

    Timeless classics

    Very old, but no less popular is the hairstyle, with curls completely combed back. For fixing use the gel for hair. Another option is a deep parting and, combed along the sides, strands back, also fixed by gel or other fixative. The effect of wet hair will probably never go out of style.

    With the help of the gel, you can create very unusual forms of bangs or raise hair at the temples, which creates its extravagant effect. All you need to try, otherwise you will never determine what is right for you.

    Some volume

    Do not forget that short hair must be given volume. The following hairstyle variation will tell you how to do it. To begin with, we define the parting line, asymmetrically better. Next, we begin to perform bouffant - we move from the back of the head to the front, securing, interfering strands, hairpins.

    Diligently combing the entire head so that no strand is left unnoticed. The volume obtained is fixed with varnish, moving the strands with the fingers of the hands from the face to the back of the head. We soften the strands with the other end of the comb and distribute the hair that does not suit you, over the head.

    Do not forget that you can experiment, and not only with a variety of styling. Try to modify the haircut, remove some strands, leave some, if you usually had a square - try asymmetry. Lighten or discard a tone or two, color the strands or individual curls. The girl should change, and not remain for a lifetime canned and boring.

    If you are afraid of painting, then you can buy a special colored varnish. Try to paint them bangs or some individual strands, all in your hands.

    You can choose the color of lacquer for any element of your toilet - the color of the dress or shoes. There are varnishes with sparkles. But here it is worth remembering that such types of hairstyles may not always be appropriate, carefully consider the reason and place of your party or meeting.

    If you do not have enough imagination, what to build on your head or you do not understand the technology of creating hairstyles, then on the Internet there are many photos of evening hairstyles for short hair.Having chosen one of them, spend a few minutes at the mirror and you will understand that it is fashionable, bright, sexy and unforgettably easy to look at, you just need to work a little.

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