• "Blade Runner 2049" and 7 more remakes worth seeing

    On October 5, the film Blade Runner 2049 by Denis Villeneuve will be released. Not a remake of the original film adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel “Are Androids Dreaming About Electricians?”, As one might think, but ... a sequel! Although film fans think the opposite, the two films are too similar, even if they were shot with a difference of 35 years ...

    A little more about "Blade Runner 2049"

    In the center of the plot is young bladeranner Kay, who accidentally finds out super-secret information that threatens the life of all mankind ... In order to become a hero and not destroy the Universe, the guy will have to try to find his older colleague, an experienced police officer and just tough guy Rick Dekard. The cast of the new film can not but rejoice - courageous Harrison Ford, charming Ryan Gosling, cold Robin Wright, treacherous Jared Leto. This film is worth watching at least for the sake of the cast.

    According to director Denis Villeneuve, he literally had to "knock out" permission from Ridley Scott (who, by the way, became the producer of the film) to shoot the restart of the story (is not it a remake?). Apparently, Scott gave "good" to the release of the film, Denis had to cheat and declare "Blade Runner 2049" nothing more than a continuation with a claim to restart. Hollywood directors spend such complicated manipulations in order to make an interesting film.

    So far, we have not been able to compare “Blade Runner 2049” with the movie that was released in 1982, and decide what we are still served under the “sauce” of another action-thriller, we suggest recalling other famous remakes that - if you suddenly they didn’t look - they would help brighten up the autumn evening.

    “The Magnificent Seven”, 2016

    In 2016, Antoine Fuqua decided to remove a new interpretation of the classic western John Sturges, which, in turn, is an adaptation of Akira Kurosawa’s philosophical drama “Seven Samurai”. Fearless Sam Chimes, gambler and joker Josh Farraday, insanely charismatic Shooter Robishho, cold-blooded and unruffled Billy Rocks, insane Jack Horn,an Indian with a strange nickname Red Harvest and a former Mexican gangster Vazquez - this magnificent and invincible seven was to act as a "shield" between the inhabitants of a simple village in the Wild West and a gang of thugs. The remake is one of the best pictures in the western genre. And most importantly, Antoine Fuqua did not spoil the great film, even if he added to him pathos and bright special effects.

    King Kong 2005

    A huge gorilla first appeared on the screens in 1933. Since then, King Kong was repeatedly restarted, filmed sequels, spin-offs, parodies, cartoons, comics, etc. But Peter Jackson’s picture with Naomi Watts in the lead role surpassed them all ... The director brought the remake as close as possible to the original, and in combination with innovative visual effects, the picture was truly spectacular and commercially successful (the film collected 550 million dollars at the box office). Well, the last phrase “It wasn't the airplanes that killed him ... the beauty killed the monster” still makes the audience cry.

    The Scent of a Woman, 1992

    A remake of the Italian film of the same name by Dino Risi about a blind retired colonel Frank Slade, who decided to pamper himself at least once in his life with a trip to New York.No, this is not a comedy, as it may seem at first glance, this is a rather sentimental and dramatic story about how life presents us with the most unexpected surprises. And it's up to us to choose - to remain a human and continue to live full and full of life, in spite of the turmoil, or turn into a garbage that dropped hands and gave up ... The film perfectly matches all the characters, including women in episodic roles ... Well, Al Pacino, who was honored for playing the Oscar and Golden Globe awards for this game, he forever crashed into memory with his incredible charisma and reckless actions ...

    "Rise of the Planet of the Apes", 2011

    And not only "Revolt", but also "Revolution", as well as "War" - all three films are a remake, or rather a restart of the fourth film of the original pentatology "Planet of the Apes". Over the course of the three films, the monkeys gradually humanize, confront people and simply want to live so that no one will follow them. The picture is incredibly strong, unpredictable and entertaining. What only is Caesar on horseback - the real leader of the pack! The events that we, the spectators, literally live with the monkeys,make you think about your own humanity and kindness ... Perhaps, there is no better in the world of the film adaptation of the novel “Planet of the Apes” by Pierre Bull than this one!

    "Hachiko: The Most Faithful Friend", 2009

    Sadder than the film, probably, have not yet come up with. Maybe the whole thing in Richard Gere's heartbreaking game? Or in the main four-footed hero with a talent to knock out a tear? One thing is clear for sure: only a person with a callous heart did not sob (yes, it was sobbing, not even crying) over this incredibly emotional and to the depth of the soul touching picture. The film is a remake of the 1987 Japanese film Hachiko Story, based on real events. Even on the trailer can not watch without tears, if at least once you have seen this story. Kind, sad, leaving ambiguous feelings in the soul of the film, forcing even more to love dogs and marvel at their devotion ...

    Cinderella, 2015

    A good Disney story about Cinderella, enclosed not in animation, but received a full-fledged film. Beautiful, kind, with moral guidelines ... Everything is as it should be in a classic fairy tale: an evil stepmother, bitchy little sisters, a charming fairy godmother, poor Cinderella, crystal shoes, a closet and loyal helpers and mice. The clock strikes midnight, and the beautiful girl turns back into a mess.Classic! The director did not even have to invent anything, everything went according to the original scenario. Lily James, Kate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter - this trio looked very organic. But the attacks of Miss Bonham-Carter will make even the gloomiest spectators laugh!

    "Well done father", 2013

    In 2013, Ken Scott thought: “Why don't I make my own film remake?” I don’t need permission to ask anyone! What pushed the director to such a strange act? Perhaps the fact that the original film called “Dad” was not successful at the box office, and the director's idea seemed more than original. And what did Ken do? It's simple - I called famous Hollywood actors into my project, thinking that then success will be guaranteed! Remake took a bang, the budget paid off! The main storyline is the usual hard worker David Wozniak, who in his student years managed to become the biological father of 533 children. This father is a hero! Sparkling jokes in which every married couple could recognize themselves, sentimental moments and just an easy plot - this remake deserves to take its place in the collection of the movie that you want to revise again and again.

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