• Blanket in the nursery

    On millimeter paper, draw two triangles; one with the legs of 12.5 cm, the other with the legs of 17.5 cm. Stick the drawing on the cardboard and cut out the triangles. You’ve got two templates.

    A big role in the decor is played by interior items that add charm to the boring and gray room. Accessories such as vases, chandeliers, figurines- helps revive your interior.

    Lay the fabric on the inside out on the table, circle the templates with a pencil. In order to save fabric, tightly fit the pattern with the contours of the previous triangle. Cut out the triangles that make up the square blocks. Place them on the table according to the drawing. The twelve blocks located along the diagonals and in the center consist of 3 triangles. The remaining blocks consist of 4 triangles.

    Sew one block, put it on the table and assemble the next one. Beat the triangles with pins, and then sew so that the edge of the sewing machine's foot passes along the fabric cut.This will keep the same allowance. When finished, immediately iron the seams. From the resulting squares, collect one-fourth of the blanket. To do this, first collect the tape of four blocks, and then with each other. Cleaving the tape face to face, align the joints of the seams. Having sewed two ribbons, do not forget to immediately release the allowances and pin a third ribbon to them. Carefully follow the picture. Thus assemble the four parts of the front side of the blanket.

    Open up the seams and sew the four parts of the blanket into two halves. Lay the line from the central part of the picture to the edge. Prefix the two halves of the front side of the blanket to pin with pins from the middle to the edges, combining the seams between the blocks. For a more accurate match in the center of all eight seams, first stitch in one direction from the center to the edge and in exactly the opposite direction. Iron the patchwork cloth and sew to the two opposite sides of the hem. Then sew the hem to the other two sides. For stitches, lay the back of the purl face down on the foot.

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