• Lightbulb

    Has the light bulb burnt out? It doesn't matter, don't throw it away - we give it a second chance for the quality of a spirit stove.
     do-it-yourself alcoholism
    What for this will require: Two incandescent bulbs, several washers of different diameters (to form a nozzle) and a wick or a small piece of cord. First In fact, in one of the light bulbs we separate the flask itself, for It is necessary to carefully remove the base with pliers, while holding the light bulb in your hands is better to wrap it with a cloth, so as not to cut yourself, if the bulb bursts, the field, we knock out the neck of the bulb with a screwdriver. Next, take out the spiral from the flask and pour out the remnants of glass.
     remove socle
     knock out with a screwdriver
    From the second bulb usyou only need a base, you can get it just by breaking a light bulb, after wrapping up its fabric, so that the fragments would not scatter. At the socle we leave only the metal part, knocking out all the insulation, now we begin to form the nozzle of the spirit lamp, for this we take the washers and glue them with the epoxy resin to the cap, form the necessary diameter of the nozzle.
    It remains only to glue the cap with washers to an empty flask from the first bulb, insert a wick and make some kind of bulb stand, as the easiest option is to cut a small rectangle org. glass and stick a flask to it.  we pass the wick
    As fuel for refueling, it is preferable to use ethyl sleeps, it burns without soot and leaves almost no odor after burning.

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