• Bunny from an old sock

    Just think how many socks per year we throw away, because of wear or lack of pairing. And after all from them it is possible to make so many wonderful toys and to please them your karapuz. Or do otherwise, do this work with your baby. How many positive emotions a child will receive at this moment and how he will continue to be proud of his result in the form of a toy. In addition, joint creative work can bring you well with the baby. Today we will sew a little bunny from a woman's worn sock, size 36-38. In order to sew a bunny, we need:  we need
    • • One sock; • Silicone filler; • Thread and needle; • Scissors, • Black felt-tip pens., For decoration: • Puppet hats, • Puppet flip-flops, • Decorative florets. And so, let's proceed to work. 1. We turn the sock on the wrong side and make the markings with a black marker.
    markings with a black marker
    According to the patterns from the nose, we will have a head with ears, a torso and four legs. 2. We cut our sock on the markup into individual 7 blanks.
     markup into separate blanks
    3. Then sew the head and ears, leaving a small hole at the bottom to fill the workpiece. We twist the sock from the inside and fill the hare's head with silicone balls.
     silicone balls
     silicone balls
    Then gently tighten the bottom of the head with thread.
    we tighten
    4. Now we sew the body with the head and leave a hole from below.
     body with head
     body with head
    Through this hole we fill the hare's body with prepared filler.
     hare's body
    After we sew a hole with an invisible seam. again we tighten 5. Thus, we sew the legs and tail. We fill these parts with silicone balls.
     Fill these details
    Next we sew the paws and tail to the hare's body. 6. Now we paint the bunny face.
     we paint the hare of the muzzle
    You can use not a marker, but floss or decorative stones. 7. Everything, a bunny from a single old sock is ready.
     Bunny from an old sock
    Bunny from an old sock

    Bunny old sock

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