• Is it possible to walk at a cold?

    Victoria Dmitrieva
    Victoria Dmitrieva
    December 24, 2012
    Is it possible to walk at a cold?

    Walking in the open air is a necessary exercise for every person, especially for a child. Fresh, and even cool air is important for its healing properties, rich in positive emotional background, which is necessary in the fight against any ailment. And, is it possible to walk with a cold? A runny nose is one of these diseases, when the intervention of a natural doctor will come in handy. Restrictions on walking with the baby during a runny nose, both by professional pediatrics, and from the standpoint of traditional medicine, no.

    Useful properties of fresh air

    The positive sides of taking fresh air baths are enough. Initially, fresh, slightly cool air has a hardening effect on a small organism. Strengthens weakened immunity. The main thing is to correctly distinguish the cool air from the cold. Also, fresh air has a positive effect on improving blood circulation in the body, and this contributes to the rapid elimination of toxins and microbes. This will favorably affect the elimination of the current runny nose.During the walk, the airways are moistened, and the feeling of dryness disappears.

    Stay home better

    The child has fever, weakness and feeling unwell. The body of the baby is set to fight the virus, and all vital forces are directed to this process. Is it possible to walk with a cold, when a child has such a state - of course not!

    Piercing cold wind, rainy and frosty weather themselves discourage you from going outside. Hypothermia, wet feet only adversely affect the situation. Turn a cold into a more serious viral disease. Wait for the weather to improve, and then you can walk around with a cold.

    Runny nose and walk. Advice

    1. Before the walk, if possible, clean the child’s nasal passages as much as possible. It is necessary that he breathed less by mouth.
    2. Clothing should be optimal. You can not give a child to freeze. And, to sweat, too, is extremely, not recommended.
    3. Limit the time of the walk and do not get carried away for more than half an hour. It would be enough.

    Remember, walks in the fresh air will help you to beat the cold! The main thing is to do it right!

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