• Can pregnant honey?

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    Can pregnant honey?

    Honey is a record holder in beneficial properties, which can be a well-deserved competitor to vitamins and minerals sold in many pharmacies. It would seem that there are no limits to its useful properties. And for whom it is especially important regular intake of vitamins in the body? Of course, pregnant! However, we will stop here. Many future moms (due to little experience) fear harm to the health of the child. Thoughts revolve around some questions: what is harmful and what is not. So can pregnant honey? Let's try to figure it out.

    Honey for pregnant women: benefit or harm

    You can, BUT, subject to the conditions:

    • Allergies to bee products are not, and were not.
    • It is possible, if it is real, high-quality honey (purchased in specialized honey shops, it cannot be cheap).
    • You can moderate. Namely - 2 tablespoons per day. Honey before sleep will calm and help you sleep.
    • It can be WITHOUT HEATING or drinking hot foods (tea, for example, or milk, etc.). When heated to 45 degrees, honey forms carcinogens! They provoke cancer.

    Accordingly, it is impossible in the reverse cases.

    Honey is useful for expectant mothers. It normalizes blood pressure, soothe and reduce stress. Able to honey and reduce the tone of the uterus, improve blood flow and improve the work of the intestine, stomach (which is very important for pregnant women).

    In general, follow the listed conditions, and then honey will have a beneficial effect on all areas of your health.

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