• Candidate K. Sobchak in the 2018 election

    To begin with, I’m not very happy with the way we live now - conditions, prices, etc. I will not vote for this president. Initially, the idea was to vote for Sobchak = against all. But recently I watched her performance on channel 1, prog. "Time will tell" and thought - is it all so honest. If the performance of Sobchak was displeasing to the government and to the top, she would simply not be allowed / not allowed to perform on the first channel. Here something is not clean ... It’s not just that she came to Channel 1 and cuts the truth about the womb - and everything is allowed to her. We don’t give a question to ask at a conference with the president about what real people really care about - and here it is, even in open access - listen, I don’t want to. It seemed to me that all this show / setup. And maybe they = real president and K. Sabchak = for one (?). Obviously, she will not be president - then what is the whole show for? Someone wrote: “in this way they distract from real problems - now everyone / almost everyone is discussing Sobchak, etc.”.

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