• Car tinting

    I want to make tinted windows in my car. Tell me where it can be done in Beskudnikovo and how to choose the correct tint film on the glass.
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    Answered on January 13 01:36
    Yes, now practically you will not meet the car without tinting windows. In the summer, it allows you to maintain the optimum temperature in the car, protects from sunlight. And of course it helps to hide the salon from prying eyes.
    Answered on January 13 01:40
    It is also worth noting an important feature of the film - in case of glass damage, it does not allow fragments to scatter. Athermal toning is especially popular - it is almost invisible, transparent, it can even be used on windshields.
    Answered on January 13, 23:10
    In addition to using a reliable and high-quality film, it is also important that a professional car tinting be done. Because if the work is done incorrectly, bubbles may appear that are difficult to remove.

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