• Carbohydrate-free diet: simple menu and true reviews

    As it is not difficult to guess from the name, a carbohydrate-free diet implies the complete or partial elimination of carbohydrates from the menu. It turns out quite a pleasant combination - do not do anything, eat sausage and grow thin. It seems to be simple, but it is not. She carries a lot of things that you must take into account if you still decide to try a similar way to lose weight.

    A carbohydrate-free diet has a pretty long history. Even in the times of antiquity, athletes tried to include a large amount of meat in their diets, but refused vegetables and fruits. This led to the preservation of muscle mass and a decrease in the subcutaneous fat layer. Examples of such carbohydrate or protein diets are the popular Kremlin diet, the Atkins diet, the Dukan diet.

    Basic principles

    Carbohydrates in the human body are the main sources of energy, they are involved in the metabolism of all nutrients.Therefore, when giving up the primary energy workers of the whole organism, an amazing thing happens - the body begins to extract energy from other sources - it begins to process fat! And the result is not to make myself wait - a dozen kilograms will go away with ease.

    A sharp decrease in the level of carbohydrates is achieved by abandoning such foods: bread, sweets, cereals, pasta, fruit, potatoes and flour products. Mostly they are replaced by “slow” carbohydrates, mostly in the form of dietary fiber.

    If you want to get rid of fat in high-speed mode, then a day will not need more than 50 grams of carbohydrates. Why is that? But because with a low amount of carbohydrates in the body, the main source of energy are fats, and when they are burned, ketones begin to form. These substances act depressingly on appetite and the feeling of fullness is prolonged.

    Sample menu

    • first breakfast: 3 eggs, no matter the way of cooking, greens;
    • second breakfast: a cup of low-fat kefir;
    • lunch: chicken or fish soup, excluding cereals and potatoes, 0.5 grapefruit;
    • lunch: a small apple, a little kefir, a couple of slices of cheese;
    • dinner: steamed veal or chicken, fish.

    In order not to exceed the daily intake of carbohydrates, there are special calorie tables. These tables will help you create your own carbohydrate-free diet menu for a week.

    Thus, the basis of a carbohydrate-free diet can be such foods: dairy and fermented milk (cheese, cottage cheese, kefir), fish, chicken, veal, sour berries, vegetables (cucumbers, cabbage, leafy greens), eggs, black bread (1 slice in day).

    You can make sure that everything is tasty and nutritious, but you need to diversify your diet, closely monitor the amount of carbohydrates consumed per day.

    Everything would be fine if certain pitfalls did not exist in this tempting diet.


    You may like this type of food, but not your body - an increased load on the kidneys and liver due to the significant amount of protein consumed can adversely affect your health.

    Carbohydrates are sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber. During a carbohydrate-free diet you will have to eat them with the help of special preparations.

    Your body will constantly demand to return the sweet and flour in your daily diet. Not everyone can successfully fight this.

    Fortunately, these negative aspects can be significantly reduced: use more water (1.5 liters per day), learn to motivate yourself - this is important in the process of any weight loss.

    Along with the minuses there are pluses. For example, the fact that this diet does not have to go hungry - any kinds of meat and fish at your disposal. This will positively affect your performance and vitality. As part of a carbohydrate-free diet, you can use your favorite recipes, most importantly, do not forget to constantly count the number of carbohydrates.


    A carbohydrate-free diet can be dangerous to the health of people who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart, kidney and chronic vascular diseases. In any case, if you have already decided to use this diet, you must always consult with your doctor.


    A carbohydrate-free diet causes the most controversial reviews and opinions of people. Some say with confidence that losing weight on it is real, however, to achieve such high results, as they promise everywhere, is not real.Others say that yes, it is possible to lose weight, but over time, the weight returns, and it also takes a few extra pounds with it.

    Experts nutritionists believe that it is necessary not to rush to extremes and adhere to the "golden mean". In other words, nutrition should be balanced, and you also need to include aerobic exercise on the body. That is, any of the sports should also appear in your life - running, brisk walking, swimming, etc.

    If you adhere to all of the above rules for a diet that is free from steadfastness, the results will not be long in coming. These recommendations will significantly accelerate the process of burning fat, and thus accelerate the process of losing weight.

    Some interesting facts

    • In the first week of a carbohydrate-free diet, it may be advisable to reduce the amount of consumed carbohydrates to 20 g per day. With this method, your body will quickly understand what's what, and will begin processing fat
    • After two weeks of dieting, you need to rest your body, filling it with carbohydrates. But with fats on such days it is worth being careful.

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