• Cat screaming, what to do?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    March 20, 2013
    Cat screaming, what to do?

    Spring has come, and most people start to scream cats. It's no secret why she screams. Everything is clear, she wants a cat. For many, this is very annoying. You have several ways how to wean a cat to scream.

    1. The first way is the easiest - give her a cat. She will walk with him and stop yelling. The problem is where to put the kittens? This option is not suitable for most cat owners.
    2. The second way is to sterilize the cat. After that you will have no problems. The cat will behave calmly and will no longer yell. This option is not suitable for those who later want the cat to become pregnant.
    3. Well, the third option, the most common. Cat screaming, what to do best? Consult a veterinarian about sedatives for cats. You have several pill options. This is the famous "Contrax", it is used for dogs and cats. It helps very well. After taking these pills, the cats stop yelling. When choosing pills do not experiment and give different pills at once.Do not think that as soon as you give a pill, the cat will stop yelling. It is necessary to wait a small amount of time until the drug will work. However, before giving the cat a sedative, it is still better to consult a veterinarian, it is not necessary to stuff the animal with any pills you like!

    Basically, cats scream at the same time, so try to start giving pills to your cat beforehand. If you follow these tips, you will no longer have problems with your pet.

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