• Caviar of river fish is a tasty and affordable delicacy

    The benefits of fish are known to all. But the benefits of her caviar are often forgotten. But this product is a valuable source of useful and nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body. And what is especially pleasing is that these properties are possessed not only by caviar of expensive varieties, but also by the product obtained from ordinary, river fish. What can be cooked from it, we will tell further.


    They help to strengthen the blood vessels, normalize the pressure, permanently quench the feeling of hunger and are an aphrodisiac. Yes, it's all about these little grains.

    Let's see what kind of fish is suitable for “catching” caviar. It can be: silver carp, pike, carp, perch. To be able to prepare a delicious dish, yastyki (shells with the contents) must be properly pulled out so that they retain their shape.

    To do this, the carcass is carefully ripped open the belly and made an incision. Next, gently, hooking along the edges with a finger, take out the shell.

    Before you start cooking, yastki need to "punch", that is, to get the contents. To do this, usually take a sieve or grater, pierce the shell and tinder.

    Quality and mature product is distinguished by separate, distinct grains of the same color. Now it is possible to make an original hot dish or snack from it. We offer you both recipes.


    Caviar is a valuable source of protein. That is why it is a rather satisfying product (123 kcal per 100 g). You should not get involved in this, and he is also a delicacy to attend the table every day.

    To make pancakes will be needed:

    • caviar - 600 g;
    • onions - 1 pc .;
    • egg - 2 pieces;
    • oat flakes - 1 item;
    • flour - 4 tablespoons;
    • soda - ¼ tsp;
    • spice.

    First you need to steam oatmeal in boiling water. Chop the onion in a blender, mix with the contents of the yastiki and swollen flakes. Separate the whites from the yolks, whip the whites until the foam appears and lay them out in the bulk. At the end, add flour and soda, mix well and fry pancakes in sunflower or olive oil.

    Salty snack

    It can be used for sandwiches, as a filling for stuffed eggs, and even as an ingredient for salads. How to cook such a delicacy?

    In a convenient container, boil water, add seasonings (bay leaf, peppercorns, coriander) and spawn caviar.Leave for 15 minutes, then strain through cheesecloth to remove all the liquid.

    A delicious appetizer is ready for use. You can store it in the refrigerator for 1 month in a glass container.

    Pleasure yourself and your family with the original fish delicacy. Bon Appetit!

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