• Characteristics of men and women Virgus per year Goats

    Anna Lyubimova October 29, 2017

    Virgo-goat is a graceful and elegant person who has people around her. However, on closer acquaintance, it may well turn out that the Deva Koz is critical and prone to teachings, and sometimes it can be a bore.

    People of this zodiacal combination livein constant search for excellenceand ideals, strictly adhere to the principles of morality accepted in society, and are capable of revising behavior both of one’s own and those of others in terms of ethics and rules of behavior. In this matter, the Deva-Koz is very demanding of himself and his surroundings. At the same time, he wishes sincere attention to his personality, since she herself shows it to his relatives and friends, but not always for unselfish purposes.

    Deva Koza is usually an organized and calm person, but internally not self-confident, although she never shows it externally.

    Perhaps, excessive criticism and rejection of imperfection, which hinders its concepts in this aspect, quite often prevents it from fully adapting to society,which leads to misunderstandings and conflict situations.

    The same pickyness and constant search for his ideal sometimes do not allow the Deva-Kose to quickly find a life partner. She constantly goes through, carefully analyzing the character traits of the partner. In any case, she needs him as air, because the Maiden-Goat is very afraid of loneliness. In this planVirgo's desire for independenceit turns out to be on the scales of life below the requirements of Koz in the right companion, who will take care of her, take care of her and guide her on the right track.

    A goat wants to be needed and useful to his loved ones, and in return requires moral and material support, care, and understanding. A characteristic feature of such a person is the ability to appreciate friendship and the assistance provided to them. Virgin Goats are always remembered andappreciate sincere kindnessand responsiveness and do not remain in debt, showing attention and the desire to help in response, to provide a service because of their capabilities.

    Characteristics of males Maidens born in the year of goats

    Deva Koza is usually an organized and calm person.

    People of this iconic combination are quite picky in material and financial terms. Whether it's good or bad is a very relative term.They reasonably handle money, scrupulously refer to their spending, not welcoming waste and reckless purchases. In the same time,Maiden-goat can make a sweeping gesture, organizing a generous and luxurious holiday on the occasion of the celebration. Perhaps, such inconsistency of actions is connected with the manifestation of some imbalance of a fussy and somewhat unstable Goat in combination with a balanced and consistent Virgo.

    Characteristic men Dev-Koz

    The man of this sign combination has natural elegance and representativeness. His character is based on purposefulness and strong-willed orientation.

    The Virgo-Koz man is focused on his business, meticulously and responsibly regarding the duties assigned to him.

    He is sometimes too economical, which may gain fame of the miserly person, but this is not quite true. He just knows the price of money and tries to avoid unnecessary unnecessary spending.

    The man of this sign combination is characterized asfaithful companion, reliable partner, responsible executive and talented entrepreneur.The ability to think through every detail, analyze and thoughtfully assess the situation, allows him to make the right decision, and the ability to insist on his point of view contributes to the successful implementation of the plans.

    The Virgo guy, born in the year of Koz, is balanced and diplomatic, so he can successfully maintain contact with completely different people, which allows him to achieve significant success in his career.He is honest and persistentHowever, he often idealizes the environment within his own framework of understanding, and therefore is not always able to avoid disappointment and frustration.

    Imperfections of the mark

    The Virgo guy, born in the year of the Goat, is balanced and diplomatic.

    Imperfections of the mark

    By virtue of his understanding of the ideal, the man of the symbolic combination of the Virgo-Koz often criticizes and makes comments to those around him who, from his point of view, do not act as they should. The weakness of his character lies in excessive dramatization and a penchant for idealism. Sometimes he can speak too directly and bluntly, which can be offensive to others, although, in fairness it should be noted that he quickly understands that he was too harsh and tries to smooth things out.

    Characteristics of women Dev-Koz

    The Virgo girl, born in the year of the Goat, has a peculiar character that men like because it allows the strong half to feel their significance and strength.

    Such a lady is quite thoughtful and able to lay everything on the shelves. It is logical and prudent, moderately secretive and rational.

    The Virgo-Goat woman is a very controversial person, because, unlike the men of this zodiacal combination,internally more prone to emotionality and impulsiveness. Her nature sometimes combines contradictory qualities: she can show both rationality and spontaneity, energy and vigorous activity along with constancy, humility and at the same time rebellion.

    She can behave in a mannered and sometimes even arrogant manner, evoking a feeling of too high self-esteem, however, this is not so. Such a girl internallyvery susceptible to others, her behavior is connected with linear ideas about the ethics of communication and behavior. And, since she is inclined to idealization, her whole behavior tries to direct the environment into the channel of moral principles that exist in her understanding.

    Characteristics of women Dev-Koz

    Girl Deva-goat is thoughtful and able to lay out everything on the shelves

    Lady Deva-Goat is notthinks himself out of society, she tries to manage everything and be useful and active. Always trying to be refined. Even in advancing towards her goals, she does not act right through, but tries to look for more graceful and sometimes cunning ways to achieve her own.

    Sometimes she acts too purposefully, she is ready to resort to any tricks in trying to get her way: to get money for a new project or her needs. And even though this trait does not seem to be quite acceptable from the point of view of moral principles, it is from these women that good managers of promotion and sale of goods are obtained.

    Imperfections of the mark

    The Virgo-Goat woman, despite her external “impenetrability”, has very real weaknesses: this is herinternal insecurity and dependence on strong leadership. Such women, as a rule, need a strong second half, because only in this case they feel protection and support.

    A minus of character can be called stubbornness, sometimes leading to unreasonable knocking out of finances for a project that can easily “burn out”.

    Unfortunately, the young ladies of this zodiacal combination, despite their subtle analysis, are often deprived of elementary intuition

    Love compatibility of the Virgin in the year of the Goat

    In a love life, the Deva-Cosa chooses a reliable companion, who will be able to provide her with a strong family rear. The aspiration of people of this iconic combination to idealization and the critical evaluation of a partner or partner sometimes leads to a too long process of choice. Having found harmonious family relations, the Virgin-Goats are very caring and attentive to their relatives, from them beautiful loving parents and spouses turn out.

    The man of this zodiacal combinationnot inclined to light flirting, so the novels "out of boredom" do not suit him. He is serious and on a long relationship. However, his pedantry and desire to lecture, make comments and criticize can annoy loved ones. He does not tolerate scandals and violent clarification of relations, so compatibility in love and marriage can be with him with a woman who is calm, who is able to understand and love him the way he is.

    Love compatibility of the Virgin in the year of the Goat

    Virgo-goat girl is very attractive to the opposite sex

    The Virgin Goat Womanin a love relationship behaves practical and prudent. She will not plunge into her feelings if she does not see in the future partner a reliable support and stable security.

    The Virgin-goat girl is very attractive to the opposite sex. She looks after her appearance, knows how to seem helpless, than wakes up in men the natural instinct of the protector and the breadwinner. Such a woman is ready to rely on her husband, recognizing him as the head of the family and giving him the right to make decisions.

    Maximum compatibility Average
    Minimum compatibility
    According to the eastern calendar Cat (Rabbit), Horse, Pig Tiger, Snake, Goat, Monkey Rat, Dragon, Rooster, Dog, Bull
    Western calendar Virgo, Aries, Cancer, Taurus Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Libra, Capricorn Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini

    A complete description of the child of the Virgin, born in the year of Goat

    The children of this iconic combination are very tied to their parents and family traditions, they have a burden to cohesion and mutual assistance. They can be independent, sometimes stubborn and persistent.

    From early childhood, the children of the Deva-Koz are inquisitive, they are attracted by everything new, they early show intelligence and a lively mind.Therefore, parents should pay attention to the large potential abilities of their child and develop them, sending in the right direction.

    Boy Virgo, born in the year of the Goat, early acquires a sense of responsibility. He carefully and diligently performs the duties assigned to him, is not inclined to whims and tantrums. In relations with peers, he manifests himself as a good friend and loyal friend, ready to help.

    A complete description of the child of the Virgin, born in the year of Goat

    Children of the Deva-Goat are inquisitive, they are attracted by all the new

    Girlthis combinationcharacterized by accuracy and tendency to order in all. She is a good housekeeper, obedient, polite and respectful to her elders. In the team, she can be somewhat restrained and shy, sensitive and sensitive, always ready to help because of her abilities.

    In general, the children of this sign combination are generous and compassionate, for them the calm and safe atmosphere, tolerance and love of relatives is very important.

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