• Cheese Maki Rolls

    You will need
    • - 1 cup rice for sushi;
    • - 1 sheet of nori seaweed;
    • - 30 g of Buco cheese;
    • - 30 g of processed cheese of any kind;
    • - 50 g of hard cheese of any kind;
    • - 30 g smoked salmon fillet (optional).
    Bamboo mat for curling rolls must be wrapped with cling film and put a sheet of nori seaweed on it, then lay a layer of boiled Japanese rice on it. Cheese rolls are prepared using rice technology outside, so the algae sheet must be turned over.
    Put diced melted cheese and a layer of Buco cream cheese on the nori seaweed. Put thin strips of smoked salmon fillet on top of the cheese. If you do not like fish rolls, you can skip this step.
    With the help of bamboo makise twist the cheese roll into a roll. Hard cheese grate on a medium grater and roll in it roll.
    Ready roll cut into several equal parts.

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