• Choosing a bunk bed for a child

    When looking for suitable bedroom furniture, many parents prefer bunk structures. Their popularity in the modern market is explained by their multifunctionality. Having bought such a bed, you will add space not only with furniture for sleeping, but with a working or play area depending on the model.

    This explains the relevance of bunk beds:

    • saving space in the children's room, which is especially important for small rooms;
    • getting not only a place to sleep, but also other functional areas;
    • saving financial investments, since there is no need to purchase several items of interior.

    In order for the design to meet your expectations, you need to take its choice responsibly. In most cases, the purchase of such a bed is made when the child has reached the age of more than 3 years. A son or daughter will also be able to participate in the selection of furniture.

    bunk bed

    About choosing a bunk bed

    When choosing furniture for a son or daughter of preschool age, keep in mind that children in this period grow rapidly. The size of a standard berth is 190x90 cm. These parameters will allow the use of furniture for several years. Often the design is complemented by a mattress. Make sure that it is made of environmentally friendly material.

    When choosing a bed, pay attention to the safety of the structure. Many moms and dads doubt the safety of a two-tier model. But modern manufacturers produce furniture from wood and metal. These materials will reliably serve and ensure the strength of the product. And so that the child did not fall during sleep, there are protective sides. All corners of the furniture should be rounded. Pay attention to the distance between the tiers. It is desirable that an adult could sit on the lower berth. In this case, you will not lose confidence that the child will not be injured during an active pastime.

    Access to the second tier is a staircase.It must comply with safety requirements and be comfortable. When buying a bunk bed, pay attention to the railing.

    Modern two-tier structures, offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers, are characterized by versatility. Often, models are equipped with convenient drawers. They allow you to store books, children's toys and other accessories. The variety of models in traditional outlets and online stores causes difficulty in choosing. Today, each parent can choose the furniture to your taste.

    One of the popular types of bunk structures is a collapsible bed. If necessary, it can be disassembled into 2 beds. Fastenings are reliable and durable. The bunk beds also include comfortable loft beds. Main advantages:

    • security;
    • convenience for the child;
    • unusual design;
    • practicality of use.

    Convenient models with extra drawers. Buying bunk beds for children is beneficial in the online store. There is a wide range of various models. If you are looking to find the perfect furniture for your child, then this option is for you.Appeal to the services of a virtual store will please for the following reasons:

    • variety of products - in contrast to sales halls, a large area is not required to accommodate all models;

    • • low cost;
    • • the ability to make purchases at any time of the day;
    • • saving time, as there is no need to visit furniture stores located in different points of the village.

    Visit the online store and choose the right bed for your son or daughter. And if you want to buy furniture in the original style, choose the cots-buses for boys and beds-locks for girls!

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