• Choosing a dress for the bridesmaid

    In ancient times, the bridesmaid, exactly the same as the witness at the wedding, played a special role at the wedding party. In many cultures, this person carries the proud name “lady of honor”, ​​which speaks of her status and a special moral duty to the bride.

    Nowadays, it is believed that the bridesmaid should be exposed in an elegant, but not too provocative dress, so as not to overshadow the beauty of the bride. This belief puzzles many people: after all, they want to shine with their impeccable style and beautiful figure on this significant day. In this article we will give some practical recommendations on how to choose the most elegant and most appropriate dress for a bridesmaid.


    The first thing we pay attention to when we face the task of buying an evening dress is its color. In the American tradition, the classic colors for bridesmaids are all shades of pastel colors: pale turquoise, light pink and light violet, as well as beige and powder color.Such outfits are quite appropriate for a warm climate, tanned skin and a certain summer atmosphere at the wedding. With our not always friendly climate, it is more appropriate to choose a dress in a dark color - so say most of our compatriots. So, what colors and styles of dresses would be appropriate for any weather? Of course, it is a traditional black. Buy a beautiful dress of classic length would be an excellent option for those who love moderation and classics, and especially this form will suit the owners of a large figure. The color of “Marsala” is recommended to young and courageous persons - this charming wine color will help create a trendy and seasoned image for a woman of any age and profession.


    It is believed that the most optimal length of the bridesmaid's dress is up to the knee. However, if the style of the girls present at the wedding is agreed upon in advance, then a long version can be preferred (for example, this applies to beach or summer weddings, in which all the fair sex will appear in long dresses). If you expect a modest wedding with a few guests, then you should not wear a dress on the floor, buy a cocktail dress - the right decision.Purchase this piece of clothing with the expectation that it will be possible to wear it a second, or even a third time, because it will be a shame to keep in your closet an unmatched, but very impractical outfit. By the way, a large selection of inexpensive evening dresses can be found here.

    Some tips for bridesmaids:

    • Do not purchase dresses in white. Even if the bride is an extravagant person and plans to go down the aisle in an unconventional dress, buying a bridesmaid dress in ivory is not the best option. From the outside you will look like a bride more than the hero of the occasion.
    • Take care of the official, but discreet make-up, stylish hairstyle, ideal for your age, as well as stylish and modern accessories. A good option would be a small rectangular clutch on a metal chain. It is also possible the absence of handbags as such.
    • Ask about what your friends and acquaintances are going to wear to the event. After all, it is especially unpleasant to look like the “white crow” on such a memorable day.
    • It is better to leave mini-dresses and overly sexy styles for a more suitable occasion. The best silhouette for a girlfriend's wedding is a moderate classic.
    • Find out in the smallest details where, how and in what atmosphere the celebration will take place. Perhaps the holiday will be divided into several parts, and for each case it will be necessary to match the clothes. This will help you better understand the style and style of the dress, as well as think about a replacement shoe.
    • Take into account the age of the hero of the occasion. A middle-aged bride will probably not appreciate the overly defiant and open dress on you - it is better to leave such a dress for another occasion. Moreover, the wedding may be people with whom you spoke little, or not at all familiar.


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