• Christmas Artichoke

    I want to tell you how to make an amusing Christmas tree toy out of unnecessary plastic bottles and ordinary colored paper.
     Christmas Ball Artichoke
    So, let's start. The ball can be made from ordinary plastic bottles. For this, I took 2 bottles of 1.5 liters, cut off the top. I cut the bottle with a stationery knife, and then cut it with scissors.
     cut the upper part
    The first one has more, the second one is smaller by 1 cm, so that one enters the other.
    connect two parts
    Now we wrap them with tape.
    we wrap with adhesive tape
    We cut off the top of one from bottles. That's what happened.
     Cut the top of one
    Take the paper and cut it into pieces 3 * 4 cm. Let's fold in half the workpiece, and then we fold the edges to center diagonally. On the tips of the blanks we will fix 2 third-party scotch.
     cut into pieces
    Glue 4 petals at the base of the ball,thus closing the top.
     Glue at the base of the ball
    This is the first row. Glue 2 row lower, and one color - green. Let's see that the top of the second-row petal lies between the petals of the first.  we paste the 2nd row
     Glue the 3rd row Glue on 3rd row, consisting of yellow petals. So we continue to stick petals to the very bottom. That's what happened!  petals to the very bottom  form square petals
     cut the leaves and paste
    In the last row we form square petals or cut out leaves and glue.
     form square petals
    Now it's time to make a pendant to the Christmas ball. We make a hole in the center of the lid with a hot nail or a soldering iron.We push a thick thread with a bead into it
     make suspension
    From the outside of the lid we make a knot, we put on a bead, we make one more knot so that the bead does not fell out. Voilà! The suspension is ready! Imagine how happy the kids are when they find a candle in a Christmas tree, because you can put small candies in a ball, like lollipops!

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