• Cocktail "Bloody Mary"

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    Cocktail "Bloody Mary"

    Bloody Mary is one of the most famous and popular cocktails these days. It is served in almost every bar, and for sure everyone has at least once heard of it.

    How did Bloody Mary gain her popularity? Maybe the matter is in the simplicity of preparation or in the legend of its origin?

    Bloody Mary: the story.

    Legends about the origin of the Bloody Mary cocktail are vast, but the most popular of them are:

    It is believed that the first who mixed Bloody Mary was bartender Ferdinand Petiot more than 80 years ago (approximately in 1920-1925). And initially the cocktail was called Red Snapper (Bloody Snapper), but either one of the bartender’s friends, or someone from the bar’s visitors gave the name Bloody Mary to the cocktail and it has reached our days.

    There is also a legend that the cocktail was named in honor of Maria Tudor (Maria I, the Queen of England), who went down in history as a very bloodthirsty person.

    There is also a legend that there was a bar in Chicago called “The Blood Scoop” and one of its visitors called Mary loved to order this cocktail, and under the influence of these two factors, it got its name Bloody Mary.

    There is still a version that the Bloody Mary cocktail was invented by someone from the Russians, since vodka is considered to be the national Russian drink.

    Bloody Mary: a recipe.

    How to cook Bloody Mary? This legendary cocktail is made quite simply.

    It includes:

    • 3/10 vodka
    • Tomato juice 6/10
    • 1/10 lemon juice (half a teaspoon)

    Also added:

    • Tabasco Sauce (about 6 drops)
    • Worcestershire sauce (about 5 ml)
    • A pinch of salt
    • Ground black pepper to taste

    The Bloody Mary cocktail is served as follows:

    First, prepare the glasses. To do this, take two saucers. Lime juice or brine is poured into one of them, coarse salt is poured into the other. The edge of the glass is dipped first in a saucer with liquid, then in a saucer with salt. Later it is necessary to allow the glass to dry.

    A cocktail is usually served with three ice cubes.

    Nowadays, there are many variations in the preparation of this legendary cocktail: with the addition of sake (Japanese Mary), with the addition of rum (Cuban Mary), someone adds tequila to the cocktail, and even ketchup.

    In general, you can cook Mary to your taste.

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