• Computer hangs: what to do?

    There are a lot of reasons why a computer can hang (slowly open programs and files, long to “think” before executing a command, etc.). This can be either a normal operating system error or overheating of the computer, or a malfunction in the system unit. Most often, the problem of freezing the computer can be solved by a normal reboot.

    But if this happens often, if even after a reboot, the computer hangs: what to do in this case? Consider ways to eliminate the most common causes of computer hang.


    This, as we have said, is the very first thing to do. Use the button on the system unit or the command in the start menu. If the cause of the hang was a simple error, if the computer just worked for a long time, then this method will help.

    Disable unnecessary programs

    If several programs are simultaneously running on a computer, more than one browser is open, unnecessary utilities are working, then all this can also slow down the system.Close all unnecessary programs and try to use only one browser. If you turn off programs through the Task Manager, you can find running programs that did not start manually. Turning off the computer from an excess of running programs will help disabling their list in autorun.

    Virus treatment

    If your computer does not freeze occasionally, but periodically, it could be caused by a virus infection. Use the corresponding option of the antivirus program installed on your computer. Or "treat" it with a special free utility.

    Computer cleaning

    This is a trivial removal of a bullet in the system unit, which can cause overheating and freezing of the computer. Disconnect the computer from the network, remove the lid of the system unit and just vacuum it inside. But do it very, very carefully. In the case of a laptop to clean it yourself will not work. Therefore, you need to contact a specialist.

    System cleaning

    And now we are talking about cleaning the operating system from garbage. Delete all unnecessary programs and documents, clear the cache (temporary files) and so on.Your task is to remove all unnecessary from the C drive on which the operating system is installed.

    Disk Defragmenter

    Disk fragmentation — the formation of voids between disk sectors — can also inhibit computer operation. To defragment a disk, use the “start” menu - “all programs” - “standard” - “service”. Use this algorithm for Windows 7 or XP. If you have installed the eighth version of Windows, then you can find the defragmentation option by typing this word in the search.

    Troubleshooting minor system unit faults

    If the computer crashes and nothing helps, what should I do? Need to seek help from a specialist. It is possible that the cause of the hang was a microcrack in the RAM or a system disk failure, or other malfunctions that require professional intervention.

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