• Confession of a desperate housewife, or 6 months after giving birth

    There are no grandmothers or nannies nearby. But there is cellulite on * opera and DAILY washing / cleaning / cooking. And then I do housework only when my six-month-old daughter is sleeping or playing. About heels, styling, makeup, etc., generally keep quiet. There is neither time nor energy for this. Fair. Sometimes I glimpse my photos before pregnancy, and for the first time in my life I like myself on them ... Husband? He takes me for granted. Of course, if I tell him about it, he will answer that this is not the case and “the problem is in my head”. Maybe ... But I'm not as attractive as before. And I see with what interest he looks at the beauties passing by. Let and sneak. Previously, I would “put a bullet in his forehead” for this, but now I find myself thinking that it makes almost no difference to me. I squeezed like a lemon. Do not think, I am not a Kikimora, but there are still extra kilos, a bundle instead of styling, bruises under the eyes, a dull complexion, sneakers instead of heels ...And, of course, he thinks that I'm not going anywhere from him and that no one will look at the “deeply married mummy” ...


    But you know, despite all this bytovuha, physical and moral fatigue, I am happy more than ever. Maternity is the most beautiful gift a woman can get. Love for your baby covers everything: fatigue, resentment at her husband, fear of “obabet” or not being realized professionally.

    Not a single job in the world, not a single highest salary and not the most beautiful journey can be compared with the emotions that give you the tender palms of your child, his clean, naive, angel eyes, charming folds on the arms and legs and two small white funny first teeth when he giggles

    Push yourself to him and, like ice cream, you hide ... I loved children before that, but to such an extent! .. I don’t know how many times a day I kiss my child. Perhaps a thousand ...

    With my head, I understand that all my worries about “lost time”, “oh, life goes past me”, careers, etc., are bullshit. And they are associated with idiotic stereotypes that have developed in society regarding motherhood and maternity leave.For some reason, we have assumed that the mother does not work on maternity leave, but sits at home. And for me, once an avid careerist, it's a disaster. Many childless do not see much difference between ordinary leave and maternity leave.

    My girlfriend was not taken to a prestigious job with the wording: “You have been on maternity leave for four years. It is unlikely that you will be able to catch up and get back into shape

    Sorry, but what's bad if, before kindergarten, mommy decided to bring up her daughters just the same, and not hang them up for a nanny? Well, now put an end to the profession? Well, can you imagine what is happening with her self-esteem now? Why are shots with young children perceived by the employer with less trepidation? Of course, it is better to hire a childless slave who would work 18 hours a day, go out on weekends and not ask for sick leave. In short, a woman on maternity leave is a boring loser. But if you, God forbid, did not give birth to 30, then you are also a loser and your time is running out. And here's another, if you gave birth to one, then a little! State for the demographic rise! And if you have given birth to three, then it is not bad that there is no money! Before you had to think! In general, I want to tell myself and all the moms on maternity leave: we are great! We do not sit on the spot! We do the most important and difficult work! And lack of sleep, fatigue, feeling like we fell out of life,- it's not forever. Children grow up.


    I admit honestly, before it seemed to me that motherhood was simple and beautiful. Being pregnant, I gladly flipped through the instagram of glamorous mommies. On everyday photos, a flawless manicure and a luxurious styling of mother were always attached to the baby in a diaper. Hello nannies! To guide such a marathon, you need to spend at least one hour a day. With a baby is an unaffordable luxury. Therefore, do not get fooled by nonsense. I stopped believing in “Instagram reality”. And I do not reproach myself for the fact that I could move mountains and achieve anything during the time I am on maternity leave. Everything has time. Everything has its time. This must be accepted.

    Somehow I have already written that the most difficult is the first three months after birth. Yes, then much easier. And in half a year so in general! The hormonal background of the woman is stabilized, the body returns to the form. Pain in the back, heals the seams, if they were. Relationships are formed with the baby. And they are more interesting every day. The child reacts to the actions of the mother, shows interest in the world, laughs, giggles. You go to the store together, choose toys.The feeling of insanity, which was the first months, passes. Life is definitely getting better! Now you can take the child! And I will give some tips on how to do this. To be honest, of all the junk that we bought in the first six months, we really needed an electronic swing, a children's mobile in the crib and a developing rug with hanging toys. Electronic swing - salvation for mom and joy for the child. Carrying your child all the time in the hands of a tedious business. And then planted, and all the cases. The baby is swinging to the music, playing toys, and the mother is preparing dinner nearby, and everyone is happy. Baby music mobile in the bed also helps great. Every day for five months the baby is as spellbound! And half an hour at mom's pocket. Well, the children's rug is also of interest to us. You can take it with you without any problems. And one more advice to moms: do not be depressed! Communicate with other mummies on the web and remember that this time will pass and will never return. Appreciate the moment!

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