• Construction control

    I plan to begin construction of a country house in the suburbs. Since I have neither the time, nor the sufficient competence, nor the desire to study the subtleties of construction, help me find a person who will fully control the construction.
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    Answered on June 1 03:36
    So this is a general left you need, and one who would consider it beneath his dignity to collude with the construction team for, let's say, incorrect counting of building materials ...
    Answered on June 1st 03:59
    If you do not have time to control the process, and there is no corresponding knowledge in this area either, it seems to me that you should hire the so-called technical customer service. Such services are just in full control and coordinate all processes in construction, ranging from the choice of land and ending with the commissioning of the house. Look, maybe, this technical customer, who works in Moscow and Moscow region, will suit you
    Answered on June 1, 04:26
    I have never heard of such a service before - an interesting topic! And then we are accustomed to the construction supervisor foreman. And the foremen often do not understand anything in the documentary support of construction, moreover, they are not always clean on hand.

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