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Please take the time to read our FAQ before getting in touch with our technical support or editoral teams.

Q: I haven't received the latest issue ofMen's Health. Can I get a back issue?

A: Get in touch with our subscriptions department on 01858 438 851. You can also get all our back issues on your iPad or iPhone at the iTunes store.

Q: I can't sign up/log in to the Personal Trainer Tool. What should I do?

A: You can find the answers to most queries on the the Personal Trainer 'Help' page. If you're still stuck use the email form at the top of the 'Help' page. 

Q: I've written an article forMH. How do I get it published?

A: We will rarely publish an unsolicited article: you are more likely to be successful if you get in touch with details of your journalistic experience (provide examples where possible), any ideas you have and a CV. Please email webeditor.

Q: I'm interested in doing work experience or interning atMen's Health. Who do I contact?

A: We do occasionally take on work experience at Men's Health on both the magazine and the website.

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