• Contour Eyeliner - from the history to the present day

    Such a familiar thing, like a contour eyeliner, has a very ancient and rather unusual history of occurrence. The modern lady, putting daily make-up, does not even realize that by "ancient standards" she drives away evil spirits.

    The custom to bring eyes goes back to ancient civilizations, and the pencil was meant for the eyes of both sexes and even children. Since then, not only the ingredients and methods of application have changed, but also the appearance of a classic pencil.

    History of the evolution of the contour pencil

    Ancient Egypt. Already in the 10th century BC, the Egyptians used cosmetics to protect themselves from the scorching sun. Historians also suggest that eyeliner was applied to protect against the evil eye.

    The well-known appearance of Egyptian men and women - shows how strongly the eyes stood out on the face.

    The ancient Egyptians used kayal (a very soft eyeliner) that included galena (black lead sulfide), malachite (a natural green copper compound) and antimony. Pencil this cosmetics can be called very conditionally, because it was a powdered mass, which was stored in special pots. Powder was applied with glass, wooden or bronze sticks.

    Kayal vessels served simultaneously for the manufacture of cosmetics (crushing of minerals) and served as a kind of "cosmetic bags" for eye makeup. Archaeologists have found a very large number of Cayal vessels among the funerary things. They are dated from 2345 to 1070 BC.

    Twenties of the Last Century. The opening of the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922, became a world event and coincided with the formation of the independence of American women. They stopped pinching their cheeks to give them a blush and began to draw Egyptian eyes.

    Forties. The faces of the women of the Second World War era were simple, free from cosmetics. And yet, eyeliner has found application - they were drawn "stocking arrows" on the back of the legs.Nylon stockings were a luxury, and the desire of a woman to look fashionable - you can not even kill a war.

    In the sixties, the first liquid eyeliner was invented. It was used to create thick lines and women with "cat eyes" conquered the world.

    Our Days. Today, contour eyeliner, as well as eyeliner, are common. Do not count the types and modifications of these makeup products. With their help, a woman is able to “try on” the image of an oriental beauty, a fatal seductress or a naughty girl.

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