• Cottage Cheese Cappuccino

    Cottage Cheese Cappuccinois a delicious dessert recipe.


    1. cottage cheese 450 gr;
    2. icing sugar 1/3 cup + 1/2 cup;
    3. instant coffee 2 tsp.
    4. black chocolate 300 g;
    5. cream 35% 500 ml;
    6. raspberry.


    Prepare the ganache. To do this, boil 200 ml of cream in a saucepan (put 2 tbsp. L.) And dissolve the chocolate in them. Let's cool down.

    In the deferred cream dissolve coffee. In a blender bowl we combine cottage cheese, iced sugar 1/3 cup and coffee cream. Grind to a homogeneous state. The remaining cream is whipped together with powdered sugar. &Nbsp;

    We put curd mass in transparent cups, filling it in half. Top very carefully lay out the ganache and finish all with a layer of whipped cream.

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