• Tell me the recipe for this sauerkraut please! without vinegar!

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    Answered on December 11, 2014 14:41
    I do all the time without vinegar. I take cabbage 3 kg, carrots 2 pieces, salt 2 tbsp. l, sugar 2 tbsp. l - but you can do without sugar. Shred cabbage and carrots, sprinkle with salt to taste. I mix and knead, shake hands, put in a jar and tamp down. Then I close and put, cabbage should give juice. If the juice is too much, pour in a plate. Over time, the amount of brine will decrease and it can be refilled. It is necessary that the pickle always hides the cabbage. You can add a spoonful of vodka, in order to cabbage was crispy. You can also add pieces of beets for color.

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