• Cover from chocolate wrapper

    How often, many of us throw out completely useless and unusable, at first glance, things. This is especially true of all kinds of packaging materials: from chips, crackers, instant coffee, chocolate. But these metallized films with a protective coating can do a good service, and even some. Such a material has a high strength, moisture resistance and a sunscreen effect, so why not use it for the storage of improvised household accessories? Want to know how? It's very simple - to sew a case, a cosmetic bag, a pencil case, a case for glasses, a purse, and even a handbag from large packages! One of such useful pieces is this case, which is sewn from ordinary chocolate wrappers. Case from chocolate wrappers
    And for such a thing to have a decent look, you need to have wrappers on both sides of the product, plus matching zippers and sewing threads,as well as thick lining fabric (preferably bright) and double-sided tape.
     Chocolate wrap cover
    We cut off the back of each package, leaving only the beautiful front image. From the underside all around the perimeter of this picture, we put an adhesive tape and carefully apply the cloth.  Chocolate Wrap Cover
    The cover of the wrapper from chocolate
    Thanks to the fabric and the sticky layer of adhesive tape, the packaging film will not disperse at the puncture site.
    Chocolate wrap cover
    Now you should fold these processed films and fix the top folded edge with clips.
    Cover from the chocolate wrapper
     Chocolate wrapper case Lightning will be stitched in last of all, after all sides are fixed. Let's start from the sides.The outer edges of the two parts are folded inwards and stitched outside with a reverse stitch.
     Chocolate wrap cover
    So we sew each side, right up to the top.
    Case chocolate wrapper
    At the end, sew a zipper.
     Chocolate wrap cover
     Chocolate wrap cover A small and durable case is ready! Fast, easy and productive!  Chocolate wrap cover Widespread use gives more practicality to this thing. Everything you need is always at hand, and even in a beautiful accessory. Nice!
     Chocolate wrap cover
     Chocolate wrapper case

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