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    America is a country of free morals, it is believed that there is no American culture, because all Americans are, in fact, immigrants from different countries. However, this does not prevent them from creating something of their own, new and unique, this also applies to the American wedding - perhaps one of the brightest and most original celebrations of overseas residents.

    We all watch American films, where wedding ceremonies are simply amazing with their riot of colors, carelessness, beauty and, of course, romance. It is not at all surprising that after the Hollywood happy endings, the dreams of marriage and, naturally, the wedding itself are based on the American traditions and the concept of the celebration.

    At once we will tell that registration of wedding in the American style - business hard, which will require you a lot of time and money, but if you do everything right, be sure, you and your guests for a whole day plunge into the real atmosphere of Hollywood melodramas with their best traditions. Remember that the Americans begin to prepare for such a celebration in advance, usually in about six months, so that everything will turn out qualitatively and beautifully.

    Therefore, "blind" celebration for the month does not work, no matter how you would not like. You will have to think through all the details, as well as carefully consider the entire scenario, because you do not want your seemingly American wedding to look much like a traditional Russian, with all the ransoms and contests. So let's get started.

    Few highlights

    • For a wedding to be successful, it is very important to find a good venue. As a rule, Americans prefer to conduct outdoor ceremonies in nature, for example, in a beautiful park, garden or on the river bank. They set up an arch for the wedding, tables for the receptionist and a book of wishes, install chairs for the guests and spread the carpet on which the groom goes, and then the bride is arm in arm with her father. In winter, usually for these purposes, a large restaurant with a playground or a hotel is rented.
    • It is important to know that the American wedding is very different from the Russian: it is usually divided into several important stages, each of which devotes its part of the time.So, usually for a year or a half engagement takes place, a few days before the registration - a rehearsal with the participation of a larger number of guests, for two days - the standard registration of marriage in the appropriate bodies, without excess and pomposity, and after a few days - the celebration itself, where the wedding conducted with the lead. The whole complex process is coming to an end - an obligatory wedding trip, which the newlyweds prepare themselves in advance.
    • Details of the wedding: remember that the registry office, ransom and all such "Russian" traditions should remain outside your holiday. For example, Americans do not find the usual wedding cortege, consisting of decorated with ribbons, flowers and rings of cars. All that distinguishes the wedding car of the newlyweds from the ordinary is a bunch of tin cans, which is tied at the back, on it, according to tradition, the newlyweds and go on their honeymoon.

    Images of the bride and groom

    As we have already said, America is a country of freedom, and, therefore, there are no special rules regarding the choice of dress and costume for the groom. In the US, no one will be surprised if you are going to marry in a bright blue or red dress, however, it is still the white color that remains the favorite among American brides.

    The dress should be chosen based on the characteristics of your own figure, usually A-silhouette or “princess” style with a full skirt. American brides wear a veil only at the ceremony, and already closer to the banquet is removed.

    Hairstyles and accessories also have no particular limitations, most often, they are either loose curls or an elegant bun. In addition, according to tradition, the American bride in her outfit should have several important details: something old, which speaks of her connection with her family (for example, the decoration of her mother or grandmother).

    Something new that testifies to its new stage in life, something blue (usually a garter), which speaks of its innocence and tenderness, as well as something borrowed that promises a happy family life. The American groom is not too different from any other - a tuxedo, a butterfly or tie will be harmonious in this case.

    Banquet decor

    American wedding is always noisy, magnificent and very solemn, which is achieved due to the large number of fresh flowers, balls, various ribbons and laces that complement the overall composition of the place.

    There may be a lot of ideas, but the main thing is to endorse all the decoration in traditional colors: usually these are 2-3 pastel shades or 2, but contrasting colors.Remember that not only tables but all around should be decorated with flower arrangements: reception desk, wedding arch, even chairs and other decor items.

    If you prefer more modern design ideas, you can play on the American flag - Americans are very proud of them, and therefore do not hesitate to use them everywhere as a decor and symbol. For example, its image can be placed on a wedding cake or you can make small cookies in a candy-bar.

    If the celebration takes place indoors, then it should be bright and spacious, where there is enough space for dancing, and for a small cozy platform where guests can sit in a relaxed atmosphere, chat and drink, for example, tea.

    Holiday Scenario

    Be sure to take care of the organization of the day; the general mood of the guests and the atmosphere of the day will depend on the scenario. According to the rules, the American wedding begins a few days before the celebration, because it is preceded by a bachelor party and a bachelorette party, which future newlyweds should spend separately. Do not forget about the girlfriends and friends of the bride, who, according to tradition, should be dressed in the same dress (in style or in color) and the same costumes, which will look very bright on wedding photos.

    Take care that the banquet flows in a measured manner: waiters serve hot meals separately, there must be a whole number of them, in addition to snacks and sweet treats. The groom does not see the bride directly before the marriage procedure, to which the father must take her arm.

    After that, the guests congratulate the young, they drink a glass of champagne and go to take pictures. At this time, the remaining guests should be invited to a separate place where they will be offered drinks and snacks. The banquet itself takes place in a light casual manner, which usually ends with a performance of a musical group and salute.

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