• Crazy Patchwork

    The modern world is rapidly developing, and along with it, manual creativity is also developing. There are all new and new types, subspecies, branches of already existing needlework. One of the subspecies is patchwork in the technique of crazy-patchwork. Quite an unusual name for such a peaceful occupation, because from English "crazy" translates as crazy, insane. But despite the name, the crazy pepvork still remains calm, familiar to us patchwork with a number of distinctive features. What is the craziness of this technique and what distinguishes it from similar ones? We will try to find out in this article.


    History of Crazy Patchwork Crazy Technique

    The native land of classical sewing from flaps is usually considered to be England, but the kind of needlework was so fascinating that it quickly won love almost all over the world.



    The patchwork immediately appeared many varieties, united by a single base.The main purpose of quilting was and remains economical use of fabric, as well as the ability to create unique products from the remaining flaps.

    Many believe that the direction of the craze arose at the same time as the classic patchwork, but it pursued completely different goals. If the classic patchwork served for domestic purposes, then crazy rather for aesthetic.

    Some say that the name Crazy came from here. People considered it insane to use the remaining tissue not for practical purposes, but for beauty.


    Crazy patchwork



    However, this is just the guesswork of modern researchers. Separately, it should be said about the Japanese patchwork. For this country, patchwork was not just a way to save, although not without it, of course.

    In Japan, products made from shreds of silk, which was incredibly expensive then, were considered to be real works of art, luxury items and were carefully transferred from the older generation to the younger. Japanese patchwork acquired a completely different shape and in its purpose was very different from European traditions.

    With the development of world public relations, more opportunities have emerged for the exchange of knowledge and skills of peoples. So, combining the best features of European and Oriental art, a patchwork was created using the crazy technique.

    In the modern world, this technique is successfully used in fashion collections of famous designers, as well as in models of design art. It is worth noting that a crazy patchwork is no longer just stitching colored patches of fabric, it is sewing that forms meaningful images using additional accessories.

    Crazy patchwork technique


    Materials for Crazy Patchwork Technique

    As mentioned earlier, the crazy patchwork does not consider its main goal to simply get a product made from multicolored rags. In this case, a prerequisite is the creation of a beautiful product, decorated with the help of special decorative elements. In addition, a technique similar to the classic sewing technique is used in crazy patchwork.



    The main feature of this technique is the seams connecting the flaps.If in the usual patchwork the stitches are ordinary, then “crazy” accepts extremely unusual beautiful stitches, such as: herringbone, goose foot, goat, chain and others that attract attention.


    As for decorative elements, everything depends entirely on the master's imagination: different laces, satin ribbons, ribbons, laces, lace, various-sized beads, beads, sequins, rhinestones, etc. can be used in the work.

    Sometimes it is even possible to combine patchwork with embroidery with satin ribbons, but here you must be especially careful that one type of needlework does not over-attract attention from another.

    From all of the above, we can conclude that the crazy-patchwork technique itself is madness, complete freedom for creativity, a mixture of styles and materials!

    As for the canvas itself, there is also no uniform prescription for this. Some begin to work immediately with a solid canvas, making it a pattern composed of patches, thereby obtaining a multi-layered dense product.

    Others take large patches of the base and form a web of them. But there are also so creative people who are able not only to draw a canvas beautifully, but also to make it up from small pieces of irregular shapes.


    Crazy Patchwork photo


    Small tricks when cutting fabric: If you are just trying your hand at this entertaining kind of needlework, then we advise you to start with the simplest technique. You need to pick up large pieces of the same density and sew them on the base.

    It is best to start from the very “wrong” flap, placing it in the middle of the base and stitching along the edges. In the future, the shreds are stitched to the most extreme and so on throughout the base. When the canvas is ready, you can start decorating.

    If the light equipment has already been mastered, then it’s time to move to a more complex one that requires much more patience and accuracy. For this technique, it will be necessary to prepare fabrics of different colors and combine plain patches with variegated ones.

    From the selected matter should cut out the squares and put in pairs on the wrong side down. It should be such that the front side of the lower part fits on the wrong side of the upper flap. Then, on the upper flap, you need to draw two wavy lines, which would divide the future product into three parts. Then the patches are stitched along these lines.



    Next, you should cut a piece from the top, leaving a distance of about two millimeters to the seam. Then, in the same way, two figures are cut out from the second part. As a result, you should get one cloth from different fabrics and 3 shreds of irregular shape. The same actions will have to be repeated with two other tissues. The seams of the resulting fabric can be decorated with unusual seams or braid.

    And, finally, the final stage will be the patchwork sewing, which is familiar to everyone. On the fabric made by you, in turn, patches of various shapes and colors are superimposed and stitched, forming an image. Then the most pleasant moment comes: you give free rein to your imagination and design the product at will.


    Speaking of products that you end up with, you should say that it can be absolutely any product. Just need to immediately decide what you want to get. If it is a pillow or a blanket, the edges of the canvases should be immediately aligned.

    For a bag, wallet, or a cosmetic bag, you should also set a certain shape at the initial stage of creativity.It turns out that the crazy patchwork is not a completely crazy phenomenon and some rules should be followed to get a decent thing.

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