• Dakota Johnson introduced Chris Martin to her parents

    On Instagram, Dakota Johnson has only two entries so far, and both are in no way connected with the actress, despite numerous requests from subscribers to share at least one selfie. Dakota also prefers not to spread about her personal life: she learned that she had an affair with her ex-husband Gwyneth Paltrow, musician Chris Martin, only thanks to the omnipresent paparazzi. And, apparently, the relationship between Chris and Dakota is gaining momentum: the other day, the father of the actress said that the couple spent the New Year holidays with Dakota's parents, who liked the new boyfriend a lot.

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    “Chris is a lovely guy and I’m sure my daughter will be happy with him.” He is a very talented musician. When I first saw them together, I realized that the two of them would be fine ... Dakota literally glows in his presence, ”said Don Johnson.But more recently, Dakota attributed romance with John Hamm (series "Mad Men"), and even with Ilon Mask! It seems that love for music still won: before meeting with Chris, the Fifty Shades of Gray star met another musician - Matthew Heath from the indie rock band Drowners, but he could not stand the hype around a girlfriend and left Dakota in 2016. Well, Chris Martin's close attention to the press is so easy not to scare.

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