• Dances for children 4 years

    My daughter loves music very much, especially dancing to her. She still did not really go, but already jumped up to the music. She will soon be 4, initially we wanted to send her to a sports school, now I thought about it - maybe it's better to dance? Tell me a good school or dance studio in Moscow, we live near Moscow State University.
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    Answered 30 December 2017 18:06
    We started driving our daughter to a sports school, while she and we like her, let's see what happens next. You first talk to the child, tell us about your plans, it may be better to give her the opportunity to choose.
    Answered 30 December 2017 18:11
    It seems to me that there are significantly more injuries in sports than in dancing, and the sports career ends quickly. And dancing can be a profession, and a hobby for life.
    Answered 30 December 2017 18:17
    I am from dances, especially from childhood, I see only pluses. In children, flexibility, strength, endurance increases, an immaculate posture and a sense of balance are formed. Dance lessons will help children learn to work in a team, they will be able to quickly find a common language. I found dances for children of 4 years here. I plan my son to lead there. Perhaps this option will suit you.

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