• “Dark Tower” and 9 more cool films of August

    Planning a trip to the cinema in advance? In August there will be many interesting premieres that should not be missed. In our review of a dozen of the most vivid, action-packed, dynamic and long-awaited films of the last month of summer.

    "Dark tower"

    Exit: August 3

    One of the long-awaited films of this summer is the premiere of the cycle of novels by Stephen King. The shooter Roland travels in search of the Dark Tower, having found that, he dreams of restoring world order. However, he is opposed by a powerful man in black.

    Paintings from books by Stephen King are not always lucky with the implementation, we hope that the film director Nikolay Arsel will not be included in the number of unsuccessful projects. These hopes are quite confident, because the main roles in the "Dark Tower" were played by Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba. In addition, they plan to shoot a television multiseries project that will serve as a kind of sequel to the film.


    Exit: August 3

    Spanish director Luis Prieto put a picture of a woman who rushed in pursuit of his kidnapped child.Halle Berry, who can play despair and determination and looks great in action scenes, has ideally entered the role of a mother who cannot sit still and wait for the police to get down to business. Her heroine rushes in the car after the kidnappers and is ready to pursue them to the end.

    "Windy river"

    Exit: August 3

    Taylor Sheridan film (Oscar nominee for the script of the film "Any price"), received the directorial prize of the Cannes program "Special Look".

    In a snowy Indian reservation, a local hunter (Jeremy Renner) finds the corpse of a teenage girl. The investigation is taken by a visiting FBI agent Jane (Elizabeth Olsen). The mysterious place called “Windy River” keeps many secrets, and none of them promise anything good ...

    "Valerian and the city of a thousand planets"

    Exit: August 10

    Incredibly colorful film by Luc Besson based on a series of popular French comics. Galactic agents Valerian and Lorelin (Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne) carry out the task and get into trouble, which will be a grandiose conspiracy.

    Luc Besson created a new bright world inhabited by alien beings of various sizes.And he knows how to do it very well, which we still remember from the Fifth Element. By the way, the number with the space star singer, as in the Fifth Element, will also be, and who knows, maybe Rihanna’s character will surpass Diva Plaglagunu.

    "Miracles in Paris"

    Exit: August 10

    French eccentric comedy about the librarian Fiona, received a letter from Aunt Martha, who lives in Paris. From the Canadian hinterland, Fiona goes to the capital of France, where she searches for the missing relative and meets a lonely Dominique.

    Writers, directors and leading actors Dominic Abel and Fiona Gordon work in the same genre (“Rumba”, “Fairy”), each time telling a touching story of meeting and love of an absurd man and a lanky angular woman. In the course are dances and pantomime, deliberate theatricality, fantastic convention. Against the backdrop of Hollywood beautiful faces and perfect bodies, these strange, ugly, but immensely charming characters seem especially sincere. The picture was attended by Pierre Richard, who fools around there with apparent pleasure.

    "The killer's bodyguard"

    Exit: August 17

    To protect a world-class killer, whom more than a dozen people dream of eliminating, is that work.And if I remember that this villain has not once tried to kill you, it becomes quite unpleasant. However, you need to remain a professional in any situation ...

    Ryan Reynolds, who played the role of a tough bodyguard, and Samuel L. Jackson in the role of an aggressive killer in this comedy action movie come off to the fullest, finding a good balance between seriousness and humor. One of the roles with great self-deprecation was played by Salma Hayek.

    Emoji Film

    Exit: August 17

    Many personified Emodzhikov live in the town of Textopolis. All of them are responsible for some kind of one emotion, with the exception of Jin's emoticon, which once brings the owner of a smartphone, a schoolboy boy. The teenager wants to get rid of all emodzhi in the phone, and the residents of Textopolis are sent on a journey to save their city. "Emodzhi Film" reminds a wonderful animated film about emotions "Puzzle", but it does not reach the subtlety of the latter for a hundredth part. However, if the “Puzzle” was interesting to watch and adults, then the target audience of “Emodzhi” is very young.

    "Baby on the drive"

    Exit: August 24

    The film is by Edgar Wright, a director with an excellent sense of humor with a black tint (“Like the Poor Pointing”, “Armagedde”).Ansel Elgort (“Guilty Stars”) plays a tough guy named Little, a virtuoso driver who helps gangsters instantly leave the crime scene.

    The kid wants to engage with crime and live a normal life with his girlfriend (Lily James), but the boss (Kevin Spacey) does not let go of his lucky talisman just gives a farewell task.

    In addition to the cute Elgort, incredibly cool Spacey, cute Cinderella Lily James, the film is occupied by the brutal John Hamm and Jamie Foxx. For the drive in the picture are responsible not only vigorous auto racing, but also almost incessant soundtrack, because the main character does not part with the headphones.

    “Gogol. Start"

    Exit: August 31

    A large-scale project, which starts with four full-length films (“Gogol. Beginning” is the first one), and will continue with a more developed eight-series television project, which will be shown on TV-3.

    The idea of ​​the project is that before writing something, Gogol himself experienced many terrible and mystical events. Young court clerk Nikolai Gogol (Nikolai Petrov) by chance turns out to be an assistant to the well-known investigator Yakov Petrovich Guro (Oleg Menshikov), with whom he goes to the village of Dykanka of the Poltava province.

    "The Mystery of the Seven Sisters"

    Exit: August 31

    Who was missing the wonderful Numi Rapas in the movie? Finally she appears, but at once in seven roles.

    In a world where, due to the global overpopulation of the Earth, families are allowed to have only one baby, seven pairs of twin girls are born at once. To save children, they are given names according to the days of the week and are allowed to appear in public only on the respective days. As adults, the sisters continue to adhere to this rule in order to save their lives. The situation becomes more dangerous when a sister named Monday disappears. The remaining sisters go on a quest.

    Numi Rapas with her impenetrable face plays all seven sisters, and this is a task of complexity at the level with what Tatiana Maslani does in the series "The Dark Child". The director of the tape was Tommy Virkola (“Operation“ Dead Snow ”). Willem Dafoe and Glenn Close became partners of Numi Rapas.

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