• Easter eggs decoupage

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    You probably know that we are big fans ofdecoupageand vintage prints with flowers. Stumbling upon this idea, which carries the spring mood, we were immediately inspired to create a decoupage forEaster.

    Make such flower Easter eggs easy and fast enough if you have a color printer and matte glue for decoupageMod Podge. By the way, Mod Podzh can be made with your own hands, at home, you need to dilutevarnishwith gluePVA

    Decoupage of Easter eggs

    What we need for a decoupage:

    • color printer
    • Scissors
    • brush
    • decoupage glue
    • eggs

    Decoupage of Easter eggs

    Decoupage your own Easter eggs:

    • cut the flowers you like
    • lubricate the egg with glue, glue the fragment and pass it over with glue on top
    • the cut out flowers may appear too narrow fragments, they can easily be straightened with the back of the brush
    • The top layer of glue should dry within 15 minutes.

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