• Decoupage wooden box

    Hello dear needlewomen and hand-made lovers! I present to your attention a master class on decorating the box. To decorate an ordinary wooden box of plywood (8 mm) using decoupage technique, in the style of shebbi-chic. For this we need:
    • wooden blank,
    • napkin,
    • artistic acrylic primer
    • acrylic paints for creativity (white, ivory, green (green foliage),
    • bitumen,
    • PVA office glue (or acrylic lacquer),
    • paraffin candle,
    • lacquer for one-step craquelure,
    • acrylic lacquer for finishing the product,
    • brushes, foam sponges, sandpaper.
    Before proceeding to the decoration, it is necessary to sand up all irregularities and roughness with emery paper until smoothness. We coat our workpiece with soil and after full drying, sand it again, remove excess soil, leveling the surface. Decoupage of a wooden box
    Paint the surface in color "Greenfoliage "using a wide brush.
     Decoupage wooden box
    After drying (you can speed up the process, using an ordinary hair dryer, in the mode of" warm blowing "), to give In the future, the scuffs of our product rub some places with an ordinary wax candle.
     Wooden box decoupage
    Shebbi-chic pref style proposes the existence of certain "traces of time" on the products of decoration - abrasions, chipped, cracked. To simulate cracks, we will use a one-step craquel lacquer. At the outer corners of our box we apply the craquelure varnish evenly.
     Decoupage wooden box
    When the varnish dries, but remains sticky and will not soil your fingers (after about 20 -30 minutes) we paint the surface with beige paint. Important! To make cracks paint applied to the craquelure in one direction with one stroke.
     Decoupage of a wooden box
    After complete drying, we sand all the surfaces.In order for rubbing to appear, three of the sandpaper places we rubbed with a candle are especially active.
     Decoupage wooden box
    For decorating our product, we chose an ordinary three-layer napkin. We choose the element we need, tearing off the edges of the napkin.
     Decoupage wooden box
    Remove the bottom white layers of the napkin and place the pattern on the blank. Decoupage wooden box In our work, household acrylic lacquer bought at a hardware store was used for gluing napkins. Apply varnish wide, well-moistened with a brush, quick movements without strong pressure. We put a dot in the center of the picture and as if drawing a snowflake from the center to the periphery we glue our napkin. If wrinkles appear, you can gently lift the edge of the napkin and brush the air bubbles from the center to the periphery.
     Decoupage wooden box
    If all the same small wrinkles are left - we'll clean them with sandpaper after the napkin has dried.
     Decoupage wooden box To smooth out the color transition between a napkin and the general background of "beat off" ("chpokayuschimi" movements) the edges of the picture with a foam sponge soaked in beige paint.
     Decoupage of the wooden timbre
    To make" traces of time "the edges of our box" beat off "with bitumen.
     Decoupage wooden box
    The last step in our work is to cover the drawer with several layers of acrylic lacquer (4-5 layers).  Decoupage wooden box
     Wooden box decoupage
    Decoupage wooden box

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