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    Popular wisdom says that everything new is well forgotten old. Modern fashion is back to the old methods and techniques of production. Today is becoming more relevant vintage. The effect of “aging” is inherent in the interior, decorating things, even the manicure masters have adopted the “craquelure” lacquer. With the help of this tool women of fashion create on the nails the effect of cracks that mimic the crocodile skin.  Decoupage
     Decoupage In most cases, the aging effect is used to decorate modern household items . It was fashion trends that influenced the widespread use of the decoupage technique. With the help of napkins and glue, they decorate everything your heart desires: cutting boards, flower pots, bottles, cabinets and much more. This technique not only gives life to old things, it is also capable of creating a unique design from modern household items. Decoupage Anyone can master this technique. Decoupage does not require special skills.It is enough to snatch a piece of napkin, which displays a picture. It is desirable that the image is on a white background. After this, the colored layer of the napkin should be separated. It should be glued, for example, on a flower pot. To achieve the desired effect, it is enough to adhere to simple rules: do not take too much glue on the brush (you can soak and tear the napkin), smooth the napkin with a brush from the center to the edges (if you immediately glue the edges, creases may form), the most clearly the figure will look white background.
     Deco already
     Decoupage Knowing these details, you can create a unique thing in ten minutes. Today napkins are sold with various ornaments, floral and marine motifs, various animals are often depicted, and on some napkins there are portraits of beauties in retro style. With the help of household items,decorated in this way, you can even create an interior in the style of retro or ethnic style. Decoupage Vintage in general and decoupage in particular is a great way of self-expression. You can safely experiment with combinations, combine retro with modern, mechanized method of processing - with manual decoration. To create a masterpiece will require imagination and a little patience.

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