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    Tell me who knows how to choose the right density meter, what to look for and what kind is better to take? And where it will be possible to buy or order on the Internet?
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    Sergey Fetisov
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    Yes, there is nothing particularly difficult in choosing a densitometer. The difference will be only in price, dimensions, measurement differences, measurement errors and other small characteristics. And so the essence of the work is the same for everyone. And which one to choose all depends on the budget, if it is cheaper, then static, if there is more finance, then it is possible and dynamic. You can buy a dynamic densitometer, for example, here.
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    In my opinion of all types of densitometers the most reliable, accurate and practical is electronic dynamic density meter. Well, there who is already used to what, some are more comfortable and more comfortable to measure with simple static ones.
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    I would advise you to see the density meter on Yandex Market. There is a large selection and you can choose the lowest price for a specific density meter. Or look at Avito.

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